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What should be the ideal size of a bedroom? Where should the window be located and what is the ideal direction for a bed to be placed?

Well, there are many such questions that arise while designing a perfect bedroom. Of course, a bedroom is the most important part of a home, it needs to be comfortable, provide you with the required amount of privacy, should be noise proof and yet be well ventilated.

A bedroom needs to be designed around the main activity in a bedroom, that is sleeping and providing you with the right amount of rest needed for you to perform well in your daily activities. An ideal king size bed is 6′-0″ wide and 6′-6″ deep, of course, there are many other sizes, but while designing a bedroom we need to assume a bed size and the best way forward is to use a king size bed.

Once we have fixed the bed size, we need space around the bed to get off the bed and for circulation, generally we need space around 3 sides of the bed, assuming that the headboard of the bed is attached to the wall. Minimum space of 2′-6″ all around the bed is sufficient for movement, again this is very subjective, but as mentioned it is minimum space. So if we add all the dimensions of bed and the circulation space, we get a space requirement of 11′-0″ x 11′-6″

So, this could be the smallest or minimum size for a bedroom as per the bed size selected. Kids bedrooms with smaller beds can be made smaller or if there is space constraint then the bed can be a queen size bed, yet a bedroom should not be smaller than 10′-0″ x 10′-0″.

Now, if you wish to add a wardrobe in your bedroom, you need to add an additional space of 3′-0″. Why 3′-0″? Well a typical wardrobe will have a depth of 21″ to 2′-0″ and about an additional 1′-0″ + 2′-6″ of the common space from the circulation space of the bed is needed for proper use of the wardrobe.

So, with a wardrobe, the bedroom size will be 14′-0″ x 11′-6″ or 11′-0″ x 14′-6″, depending on the location of the wardrobe. So, its better a bedroom is 12′-0″ x 14′-0″.

Windows are very important part of a bedroom, it is important that the window in the bedroom is not above the head board or the headboard is next to the window. A window on either the right or left of the bed is best, this gives the best light and best ventilation to the room. A morning sun can help you wake up with a proper window design and location. recommends that a bedroom be of a size 12′-0″ x 14′-0″ if the wardrobe is to be positioned inside the bedroom or 12′-0″ x 12′-0″ if there is an additional space for a walk-in wardrobe.

A bedroom can definitely be bigger than this, you can add a separate seating space with a sofa or a chair or a reading desk, all these are additional spaces and should be designed keeping the size of furniture in mind. Now, making a bedroom too big will also create an unease and may reduce the comfort level of the room. A big bedroom with lots of furniture and additional spaces will sometime become eerie, especially after coming home from watching a horror flick.

A design needs to be done based on the needs and necessities, to much of extravagance destroys the spirit of the design and too little makes it non functional.


The writer is an Architect with and has more than 17 years of experience in designing houses and buildings across the globe.