One of the many questions that comes to our mind is what methodology should I employ in constructing my dream home?

Should I build it on my own or should I give it to a contractor? And then there are so many questions upon questions connected to each method.

Let us take for example the First Scenario, is it good to build my dream home on my own?

The Answer is very simple, YES! This is the most effective and possibly the best way. Construction is not rocket science and if you follow these simple rules, constructing on your own can be a pleasant experience.

Rule #1: Hire an Architect or a Professional Engineer or use
Rule #2: Budget your home properly with the last item being properly thought of, probably the Wall Painting on that living room wall.
Rule #3: Do not succumb to changes or revisions in the design or construction.
Rule #4: Do not get tempted by cheaper materials or cheaper labor, it does not exist!
Rule #5: Do not try and rush things by delaying them earlier, Construction is a process that takes time, its like baking a cake, can’t be done when we want it.
Rule #6: Don’t panic when things go wrong or don’t go as planned, they most likely will, so please maintain good relations with your Architect or Engineer.
Rule #7: Please welcome professional advice, even though we are very smart and google has all the answers, but a good advice from an Architect or Engineer is really a good advice.


Anyways, please do let me know about your experiences and your problems or probably your fears. We will be happy to try and discuss those.