What is the best location of the Kitchen as per Vastu? This is a very common question and quite important too. The kitchen is the place that provides us with warmth, food and health. The location of the Kitchen can make or break a family and Vastu gives a lot of emphasis on the location of the kitchen as well as the direction of the cooking platform.

As per Vastu, the best location for the Kitchen is in the southeast corner of the house. Now, it may appear to be very simple, but it’s not that easy when you are designing your dream house or modifying your existing one to meet the Vastu requirements. The kitchen needs to be well ventilated, connected to the dining area and should be in the private section of the house. It needs to have access to the outside for utilities as well as for a kitchen garden. With all these challenges, keeping the Kitchen in the South East is a simple idea but comes with its challenges.

As per Vastu, which is the ancient Indian knowledge of architecture, South-East is the location of Agni and since Kitchen has Agni (well for most of us who haven’t moved to induction cooking) and has the warmth, keeping the kitchen in the South-East portion is the best location as per Vastu.

Now, which side should have windows and what is the best location of the cooking platform, the water sink, the utilities and such details are what makes keeping the Kitchen in the South-East as per Vastu an architect’s job.

So, if you are planning to build your dream house or are planning to renovate your existing one, it may be wise to reach out to an architect who can guide you in the design of your house as per Vastu.

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