West Facing House Design and West Facing House Plans for a three bedroom or a 4 bedroom house or a West facing duplex house provides the best design options for a house design as per Vastu.

West direction is good for people who are involved in any kind of business or entrepreneurship and as per Vastu, West facing house design helps you in living a prosperous and healthy life.

If you have a plot with a road on the West, having an entry from the North West on West is considered good as per Vastu. Few of us may not believe in the power of Vastu, the ancient Indian knowledge about building design, but it is quite relevant and useful if properly applied.

A West Facing House Plan can be designed either fully on a Ground Level if the plot is large enough (350 Square Yards or more) or the house can be designed as a Duplex, with one bedroom on the Ground Level and other 2 or 3 bedrooms on the upper level.

Proper ventilation of light and air is crucial for any house design and is an important factor for the health and prosperity of the family making that house their home.

4 bedroom duplex house designed by houzone.com

The design of a West Facing House depends on the plot dimensions, personal requirements, location, surrounding neighbourhood and many other factors including Vastu if desired.

In the above example, the West Facing house is designed as a duplex with two bedrooms on the Ground Level and other Two on the upper level, making it a Four Bedroom Duplex House.

Small spaces such as utility spaces for washing machine or for drying or ironing clothes, cupboard spaces, space for inverter and access to the terrace, etc. are to be considered for a practical and good house design.

As per Vastu principles, the South West Portion of the house should be a Master Bedroom and maximum space should be left in the North and East of the house. The entry to the plot and house is considered good if given from North West – West.

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