Vastu Shastra for Home

The Science of Dwelling


Vastu Shastra has been a part of Traditional Indian wisdom, this science helps us in living a harmonious life with nature, thereby having a Prosperous, Healthy and Wealthy life.

Vastu Shastra helps us in taking decisions when it comes to the Selection of Plot, Design of our House and many other things. There are many people who believe in this Science and many who do not, but its definitely not a superstitions belief. If we follow Vastu in the Construction of our house, we’ll realize that the Design provides us with ample natural ventilation and helps keep the house cool in summers and warm in winters, thereby reducing the load on Power and Electricity.

Is Vastu useful for modern day living? Yes, in fact so much more than earlier. We have less and less land to build our homes, hence following this ancient wisdom does help in living a complete life.

So, in short if you follow these few methods or adopt these principles that I’ll be mentioning below, you can achieve a better Design for your House and live happily:

5 Vastu Tips for Home Construction:

#1. Plot Shape & Location: Purchase a Plot that is as close to a Rectangle as Possible, this helps in avoiding unnecessary wastage of spaces. Its is preferred to buy a Plot that is facing East or North. West Facing Plots are also good. South Facing Plots are generally not preferred.

#2: Entrance Location: It is preferred to have an entrance from North or East of the House. North West Entrance from West is also okay, but not from North Direction.

#3: Master Bedroom Location: Locate the Master Bedroom in the South West portion of the House.

#4: Kitchen Location: Locate the Kitchen in the South East Portion, if this is not possible, you may locate your Kitchen in North West Portion.

#5: Toilets: It is preferred to keep the toilets in the South or West side of the house. It is advisable that all toilets should be attached to the external wall, so as to get better ventilation.

Vastu is a Science that needs to be understood and developed. It may vary from place to place and person to person. Its not a rule that needs to be followed, but more of a guideline that helps us in living better.

About the Writer:

Writer is an Architect and an IITian with more than 15 years of experience in Design and Construction.

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