Office of the Future

The Office of Future

The future of Office working that solves our transportation problem & makes our cities congestion free.

Imagine a Sphere, I call it iWSphere, short for interactive work sphere, a place which contains everything you need, to work remotely, as well as interact with all your office co workers, colleagues, boss or client in real time, interacting face to face or should I say body to body as body language is equally important while conversing. How about a little friendly chat with that new girl in the office or having a football discussion with your friends near the coffee machine?? Can all this be achieved without stepping out of your home?

Office of the Future

The present technology of IR Play (picture courtesy Pinterest)

Read on to find out the Office of the Future.

A full & complete Virtual office experience with 360 degrees of visual connectivity with the best office environment, or choose to change it, if you wish. Don’t want pesky colleagues disturbing you, switch to the cityscape & view the New York City down below or a bright sunny day, as if you were outdoors, perfectly matched with the exact outdoor conditions, to keep you & your body, totally in sync with the outside world. Want to interact with the collegue in the next cubicle, simply tap to invite him or her and see him walk over to your cubicle. Simply stand up and start chatting or exchanging ideas. Connect as many cubicles of colleagues you want and have a full office experience.

This iWShpere is a physical space composed of a 5’-0” x 5’-0” cubicle space with computer and working desk for you to work, the sides of this sphere is made of interactive curved  LED panels, including the roof, the cameras inside project your 360degrees world to other users of this iWSphere and similarly you too get connected to the others. Its like a phone booth, but a much more advanced version of it, its an interactive pod, completely integrated with all visual and audio functions and fully connected to the outside world. Inside this iWSphere you will feel completely connected to your work place, complete with your colleagues and friends.

The iWSphere is small & consumes much less power, comes fully air conditioned with heating & cooling, has curved led displays and ultra modern work station. Upgraded models can have a coffee machine, printers (for couriering hard copies), etc. The iWSphere is small & compact & can be assembled at home or your beach cabin by yourself easily & it’s just plug & play.

The overall size of this iWSphere will be a sphere of 8’-0” diameter and can be installed at all possible locations, such as hotel lobbies, your house, libraries, public spaces, etc. This sphere will immediately recognise you and change the atmosphere & environment to your personal settings, even if you use the ones in the hotel.

The future of office working is here, employers need not spend excessive amounts on expensive office spaces, perks & travel allowances & can expect to hire more than 90% of their employees, to work remotely, yet interact with each other in real time.

Office of the Future

iLearn (picture courtesy google images)

The productivity goes up as the employee is less stressed, has the best cubicle in office & is fresh to start the new day, straight from the shower, if required. He or she does not need to worry about missing the tube or the bus or getting stuck in the traffic jam.

Prototype of iWSphere can be built with the present technology of displays and software can be easily integrated to create a much natural work environment.

Planning a board meeting can be so much easier; these iWSphere can be used from anywhere and by anybody easily.

Traffic in the city reduces drastically as the office movement is drastically cut, thereby saving precious fuel while travelling and not to mention the reduction in air pollution. Our cities will become much cleaner, greener and much more sustainable.

Office of the Future

360 degrees VR Camera (picture courtesy google images)

If we look at the history of human evolution, we find that humans used only one space for all their activities, the cave they lived in, functioned as sleeping quarters and working or storing quarters as well. Rest of the time was spent either hunting or gathering.

Even in certain places in the world right now, the villagers use their huts for all the purpose, including sleeping, storing, studying and working.

As humans became more social, the requirement of spaces grew up, even though we could only use one space at a time, this resulted in unnecessary pressure on the real estate and the land that we lived in. Today we have space for studies, space for working, space for parking, space for staying, space for social interaction, space for sleeping, etc. etc. None of these spaces are used together at any given moment by as single individual.

Office of the Future

Esato, the perfect workstation (Courtesy Esato)

Today, when we are not in the office, our office building is empty, the car parks are empty and all the resources are simply wasted when not used, since there is no alternative available, this might seem as a requirement. The same goes for our homes, when we leave for work, our home simply sits there, idle and wasted. Bringing home and office together, will not only reduce our dependence on multiple space, but avoid unnecessary wastage.

Office of the Future

The Future Sphere, controlled and operated by Digital Technology (Picture courtesy google images)

To solve the problem of multi space, we need a space that can be used for multiple purposes, while remaining singular. Let’s take an example of a house, a house has so many rooms for differing purposes, but we only use one of them at any given moment of time, if we could bring all the activities to happen in the same space, as and when we needed, we can save a lot of space and expenditure.

The idea of iWSphere is one such attempt of reducing the need of humans for multiples spaces, work from home and yet be truly connected. Inside the iWSphere you will need to dress up appropriately and will need to be on time to office and your boss can call upon you anytime.

iWSphere can be made by anybody with enough money to build a prototype, I can do it too, but I need funding. This idea is mine, but can be used by anybody for the development of the human kind. Google and Facebook can try to make this work, even if they start with 10% of their workforce; they are making a large difference to the way we work.

The Office of the Future is here and Now and with technology we can save this planet.


I’m an Architect by Profession and an Entrepreneur by choice, trying out various ways, in which we can use technology to upgrade our life and make a difference in the world.

Ar. Ravi Siddhartha