HouZone.com has revised the Structural Design Price from Rs. 2,999/- per Floor to Rs. 4,999/- per Floor, keeping in view the input costs and overall increase in prices.

So, if you are planning to get the Structural Design done for your Duplex House, which we recommend that you do, you’ll spend Rs. 4,999/- x 2 floors = Rs. 9,998/-

This pricing for Structural Design with all drawings for you to construct your dream home, is still 50% cheaper than the market price for a good Civil or Structural Design for your dream home.

For clients looking at Apartment Design and Structural Design for Apartments, they can contact us for coupon codes and discounts, the above pricing is not applicable for Apartment Structural Design and its much more cheaper for Multi Storied Apartment Buildings.

The above rates are revised from 1st November, 2016 and applicable for all future orders.

HouZone.com thanks all its users for their continuous support and encouragement.