Congratulations on finalizing your home plan, you must be very excited. Now it’s time that you get Structural Designs for your home plan. At HouZone, its very easy, just fill up the form on the right, answer few simple questions and we’ll do the rest. You can be rest assured that the Structural Designs prepared by us are made by experienced Structural & Construction Engineers, keeping in mind Safety, Economy and Quality of Construction.

Structural Design Package will give you these valuable Designs for you to start constructing on your own.

All Structural Designs include RCC (Re-inforced Cement Concrete) and Reinforcing Steel Details.

Foundation Design showing Size, Type and Depth of Foundation for each column.
Column Centerline, so you can place the columns at the right locations
Column Sizing & Design of each column
Plinth Beams or Tie Beams to ensure stability and make it EarthQuake resistant.
Beam Sizing, Location and Design for each floor
Slab thickness and Design for each floor
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Free Discussion with our team via Private Messaging (PM)

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