Small House Plans

If you are having a small plot and are looking for a small house design, it is very important that the design of the house is done with lot of sensibility and practicality. This is where the value of a House Designer or an Architect can be utilized in designing of small houses.

Small House Plans

Following points should be kept in mind while designing small house plans:

  1. Be flexible with your requirement, since the available piece of land is small or your requirement itself is for a small house, it is important that your actual house requirement be kept more flexible as this will allow for the House Designer or Architect to suggest better alternatives to usage of space.
  2. Ventilation, Ventilation, Ventilation – this is the mantra that should be repeated multiple times in a the design of a small house. The small house requires much more ventilation and cross ventilation, lights, bigger windows than any normal sized houses.
  3. Pre-Select your furniture and that too with lot of sensibilities, small houses should not cramp up the space with big and regular furniture, try modern and sleek, best will be to go for militaristic designs.
  4. Small houses are easy to maintain and hence affords the luxury of simple and stylish living, so don’t compromise on the quality of construction, infact choose materials that provide better finish and easy maintenance.
  5. Do not compromise on the minimum spaces required for every day living, such as a bedroom cannot be smaller that 10′-0″ x 10′-0″ if you plan to have a double bed. You may look at bunker bed option for kids room, freeing up the space and they will have a lot more fun.
  6. Reduce number of toilets or divide them up into Shower and WC, this helps in freeing up space.
  7. Plan for smart storage options, attic or lofts or nooks that can take care of your storage requirements, a well planned storage system in the small house will afford better luxury.

So, go ahead for a small house plan as these are easy on the pocket, environment friendly, easy to maintain and can be as stylish as you wish them to be.

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