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HouZone helps you in choosing the right False Ceiling that fits your requirement and budget, all our Designs are custom made to your specification and requirements and provide you with these following valuable insights:

False Ceiling Design – Product Details

  • Type of False Ceiling suiting your requirement
  • Design of False Ceiling as per your room dimensions and furniture placements
  • Level Differences in False Ceiling
  • Choose from Gypsum or Pop, Wooden or Metal, etc. we’ll suggest the right one for you
  • Arrangement of lighting in the false ceiling
  • Concealed lighting and coves
  • Least Maintenance type
  • Cost Effective Solutions
  • Beautiful & Artistic Designs
  • Lighting, Air Conditioning & Other Functions built in with the Design
  • Taking care while constructing the False Ceilings
  • Basic Costs and Specifications
  • Ideally to be bought along with Electrical or Lighting Design (recommended)

Rs. 2999.0

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