List of Certified & Verified Manufacturers & Suppliers

HouZone takes utmost care in providing you with the list of Approved, Certified and Verified Materials that we recommend. Select from the City Below and choose the right Material & Supplier for your Dream Home.

GREEN LIST of Recommended Manufacturers !

We have worked across the sub-continent and after analyzing the data based on strict parameters, we are preparing a list of Recommended Brands. HouZone only recommends those manufactures who provides Quality Material at the most competitive price to the user. Our selection parameters are based on our experience with the manufacturers, their response, their experience in manufacturing, guarantees, QC methods adopted by them and many such points that we check, before providing you with this list. We call it the GREEN LIST !
We regularly update this page so that you keep getting the right information. Last updated June 27, 2015

Material Manufacturer’s / Supplier’s Registration

Manufacturers of Construction Material and their suppliers can Register here, HouZone will conduct verification and will then list.
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Cement is the most important part of the construction, we can choose any of the brands available, as long as the batch is fresh and consistent in quality. HouZone recommends these 3 brands for using in your construction.

ACC Cements is India’s Leading Cement Brand.

Ambuja Cement is a trusted Brand in India.

Ultratech Cement is our Preferred Cement Partner.


Reinforcing Steel is a very important part of construction, RCC or Reinforced Cement Concrete provides your house with the strength required to keep you protected for life. HouZone recommends re-bars that are not re-rolled and are fresh. We suggest clients to use TMT bars as these are made with latest technology and provides the correct strength.

Vizag Steel is India’s Leading Steel Manufacturer.

Tata Tiscon is our Preferred Steel Manufacturer.

JSW Steel is very good option for reinforcement steel.


Painting a house is an important activity. Paints give the aesthetic look to the home, whether they are internal paints or external, today’s modern homes need to be finished well, for easy maintenance and good looks. We recommend that surfaces of the plastered walls should be dry enough before venturing out on the painting job. HouZone recommends these paint companies based on the quality, choices and variety.

Asian Paints is India’s Leading Paint manufacturer.

Berger Paints are great for your Interior Walls.

Nerolac Paints is our Preferred Paints Manufacturer.

Vitrirfied Flooring

There are various Flooring options available for Modern Homes, we prefer Vitrified Tiles as these are easy to install, easy to maintain and come in variety of designs. HouZone has used almost all the types of flooring in their Projects and all the brands across India has been tested. We have finally come to the conclusion that these 3 brands are the best in terms of their Costs, Quality and Finish. Many local manufacturers are also equally good, yet compared to these National Brands they really have to improve their Quality Control.

A man carries a boy that survived shelling after what activists said were explosive barrels thrown by forces loyal to Syria's president Bashar Al-Assad in Al-Shaar neighbourhood of Aleppo

Rak Ceramics are the Premium Flooring Option for your Dream Home.

kajaria ceramics

Kajaria Floor Tiles have a large Choice and is having an excellent Quality.

johnson tiles

Johnson Floor Tiles are ideal for budget homes and are our Preferred Flooring Partner.

Sanitary Fittings

Modern Toilets are Designed for more than their Functionality, the Design includes ease of maintenance, water saving, aesthetics and looks. HouZone uses these 3 brands for their Designs and recommends them based on their Products, Pricing, Quality, Service and also their internal Quality Control Systems. HouZone believes that toilets are the most important part of a modern home and hence needs greater attention to design, details and the Product.


Kohler has one of the best Designed & Quality Products.


Hindware is for everyone, from Budget to Premium.


Cera has the largest range and options to choose from, for your dream Bath!