Civil Engineering Design or Structural Design is the Design of Footings, Columns, Beams, Slabs, etc. HouZone will provide Structural Designs for your Existing Design so that you can Easily Build Your Dream Home. Structural Design Package is for a Single Family House. For Multiple Family House, please take multiple numbers of the same package.

Structural Design Package will give you these valuable Designs for you to start constructing on your own.

  1. All Structural Designs include RCC (Re-inforced Cement Concrete) and Reinforcing Steel Details.
  2. Foundation Design showing Size, Type and Depth of Foundation for each column.
  3. Column Centerline, so you can place the columns at the right locations
  4. Column Sizing & Design of each column
  5. Column Schedule for Column Steel Reinforcement details
  6. Plinth Beams or Tie Beams to ensure stability and make it EarthQuake resistant.
  7. Beam Sizing, Location and Design for each floor
  8. Beam Schedule with Reinforcing Steel details
  9. Slab thickness and Design for each floor
  10. Slab Schedule for Reinforcing Steel details

Drawings Included:

  • Column Centerline
  • Column Schedule
  • Footings Layout
  • Footings Sections
  • Footings Schedule
  • Plinth Beams / Tie Beams Layout
  • Plinth Beams / Tie Beams Schedule
  • Slab Level Beams Layout
  • Slab Level Beams Schedule
  • Slab Level Slab Layout
  • Slab Level Slab Schedule

Drawings Not Included:

  • Staircase Details
  • Sun Shades & Lintel Details
  • Septic Tanks & Under Ground Water Tanks details
  • Over Head water Tank details
  • Bar Bending Details
  • Beams & Slab Sections
  • Any other drawings that is not mentioned in the Drawings included list is excluded.

Note: These additional drawings can be ordered as required for an additional payment, please contact your Design Coordinator to check for pricing.

Choose the Number of Floors for which you require the Structural Drawings and order.

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HouZone.com takes all care in designing the Structure of the House, & confirm that the Structural Design follows all IS recommended codes, yet it is recommended that the Design & Drawings are vetted by Local Civil Engineer / Site Engineer at the time of construction to take into consideration local / site conditions. HouZone.com is not responsible if required & some times important corrections are not made as per Site / Local conditions and thereby for the correct construction of the house.

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