Our Engineers have worked hard to find Practical and Easy solutions to making your home maintenance free. Plumbing and water supply are one of the Key areas that make your House a Home.

Plumbing Design package is for the Plumbing and Water Supply Design for the entire house of a Single Family Unit.

You may expect the following in our Plumbing Designs:

  1. Water Supply Piping Layout with pipe sizing
  2. Drainage & Sewerage Layout with pipe sizing
  3. Correct location of Bathroom Fittings, Kitchen Sink, etc.
  4. Guidance on Tank Capacities, Septic Tank Designs, etc.
  5. Type of fittings and suggested Manufacturer, etc. 
  6. Complete House’s Plumbing and Water Supply Drawings so that your Plumbing Contractor or Plumber can construct correctly.
  7. Limited to a maximum of 3 floors and Single Family House


Valid Only for a single family house. For multiple Dwelling Units, please buy multiples of this Design Package.