Electrical Design Package will give you these valuable Designs for you to start Building on your own. Electrical Design Package is for the Entire House for a single family, limited to a Single Floor.

If you have a Duplex House or a Multi Floor House, we recommend you order 2 or more of the Electrical Design Package as per the Floors you may have. Electrical Design Package of Rs. 2,999/- is limited to a Single Floor Home.

All Electrical Designs include the following:

  1. Location of Lights, Fans, Switches, Sockets, Power Points, Wifi, TV, etc.
  2. Location of Main Panel, AC, Geysers, Inverter, Power Sockets, etc.
  3. Circuit Diagram showing distribution from Mains to Various Locations
  4. Wiring Thicknesses for Circuit and Distribution
  5.  Ampere and Wattage for Switches & Sockets
  6. Earthing Design

Rs. 2,999.0 converted to US $44.76

$1.0 = Rs. 67.0





Electrical Sample Drawing 03