Construction Drawings are used to Construct Your Dream Home. Detailed Drawing will give you information about how the Construction of a Particular Design is done, it shows the actual dimensions, the material to be used, the hardware or specification used, etc. These Drawings can be shared with your Contractor or Team to execute the Design.

Construction Drawings can be purchased for the following Designs:

1. Floor Plans* – Construction Drawings for Constructing your Dream Home.

Construction Drawings for Floor Plans will include Construction Drawings of Floors with dimensions of each openings, Doors, Windows, Sill & Lintel Heights, Sun Shades, etc. for construction purposes. It is highly recommended for clients who desire to start constructing their homes.

a. Detailed Floor Plans showing the dimensions of Brick or Masonry Wall to be constructed with opening sizes and dimensions of all opening.

b. Floor Levels from Road, Outside area, entrance steps, etc.

c. Proper Staircase size, location, number of treads and risers required for most comfortable climb.

d. Window and Door Sizes for you to get it made by Carpenter or order the same from any vendor.

e. Flooring Specifications & type of flooring for each different areas, for you to order the right flooring for your dream home.

f. Levels of Flooring etc.



# Construction Drawings for Floor Plans are per Floor of the building, so if you have a duplex house, you’ll need to order 2 Numbers of Detailed Floor Plans.

You can ask us any construction related Queries via PM after ordering Construction Drawings.

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