Design Modification Package will provide your with the flexibility of modifying the Designs & Drawings prepared by us. Each Modification Package is limited to one time use for any modification.

  1. Get any Purchased Floor Plan modified to suit your requirement.
  2. Discuss with us via your Private Message and ask us to modify the Drawings as per your revised requirements.
  3. Discuss with our Technical Construction Professionals.
  4. Technical Q&A Support
  5. Valid for only 1 set of Modification per Paid Floor Plan Order.
  6. Modified Drawings will not be presented in Color / Photo-realistic presentation. For Photo-realistic presented drawings, please order the original Design Product again.


Modification Package is limited for One time use. We request that all your modifications be mentioned to us at once to avoid any further changes. Modifications are for adding or deleting rooms, adding or deleting floors, changing room sizes, changing location of staircase, changing the entrance locations, etc.