3 bedroom house plan for Rs. 9,999/-
3 bedroom house plan for Rs. 9,999/-

What is Included in the Order:

  1. Custom designed Architectural Drawings for 3 to 5 bedroom house as per your requirements.
  2. May include the following Architectural and Engineering drawings subject to your discussion with our design coordinator.
    1. Floor Plans
    2. Site Plans
    3. 3D Elevations
    4. Construction Drawings
    5. Structural Drawings for RCC framed structure. (Pool and special structures are not included)
    6. Electrical and Plumbing Drawings
    7. Basic Cost estimation
    8. Material selection and suggestions (extra)
  3. Dedicated design co-ordinator throughout the design process
  4. Option to pay in 4 easy installments
  5. Virtual meetings over skype/zoom with the design co-ordinator (extra)
  6. Remote site visits and contractor discussions throughout the project (additional per month)

What is NOT Included in this Order

  1. Physical Site Visits
  2. Printed hard copies
  3. CAD files for your local engineers
  4. Drawings related to landscaping, pools or special structures.
  5. Municipal Approval Drawings

WhatsApp 910-00-338-97 for more information or to book an appointment. 

Note: The architectural design and drawings fee will vary, starting from Rs. 99,999/-

3 bedroom house plan for Rs. 9,999/-




  1. Contact our design coordinator and book an appointment for a call to discuss your requirements. Please send us a WhatsApp message on +91-9100033897 to book an appointment.


  1. Conceptual Design for first preliminary discussion – 2 to 3 weeks
  2. Further drawings are based on design finalization. Each stage of drawings take minimum of 2 weeks after finalization.

All good things take time, please be patient.

All Designs take time and some take additional time based on the complexity of the Design and requirements. Our Design Team tries to Process and Design your Dream home as soon as possible.

Patience is a Virtue


HouZone.com has the following refund Policy:

  1. 80% refund of your amount if the order is cancelled within 24 hours of placing the order.
  2. No refund if order is cancelled beyond 24 hours of placing the order.
  3. No refund if Drawings (either Draft or Final) are uploaded to your Hub Page.


We take great care while designing your dream home and our Architectural Design Team ensures that most of your requirements are incorporated in the design, yet sometimes it’s not possible to properly design with the limitations of space and plot or meet all your expectations.

We try our best in giving equal & best service to everyone and try to satisfy your requirements, yet we are dependent on Technology and we are humans, hence, we do not provide any guarantee that our Service or Design will fully Satisfy you.

Design is subjective in nature, the same design may be appreciated by some and criticized by others.

In such rare cases, where you find that you are not happy with the Design / Service provided by HouZone.com, we strongly recommend that you discontinue your relationship with us.

We will try to provide you with the rooms & spaces required by you, but we will be constrained by the available area since we cannot provide rooms smaller than standard sizes & spaces which are not functional, hence, we will use Priority Design System to provide you with the most important rooms first, without which the house will not function and then try to provide rest of the spaces & rooms as per the available area. We will not compromise on the Ventilation and minimum room size/space size/staircase size, etc., hence it may be possible that all the required or desired rooms do not fit into the Design due to area constraint.

HouZone.com does not guarantee that your House Floor Plan will contain all the rooms & spaces or will meet all your requirements, though we will give it our full professional consideration.


We follow 100% Vastu as per all agreed Principles of Vastu if you choose to get your house designed as per Vastu. Although despite our best efforts, due to various limitations in terms of Ventilation, Space constraints, we do not guarantee that the house designed for you will be fully Vastu Compliant, few deviations from Vastu norms may be required to ensure good Ventilation and Circulation.

We do not design the house as per any Special Vastu or as per the requirements of your Vastu Pandit. We will not be able to comply with your requests in such cases where you wish that the House be designed as per your specific Vastu Norm. We will only design the House as per the Standard Vastu Principles that HouZone.com follows.


All Designs, Drawings and Information shared with you are copyright protected and belong to HouZone.com

You are not authorized to share or copy or build your House as per the Design and Drawings and Information provided by HouZone.com without Permission / NOC from HouZone.com

Please read our Terms & Conditions for more information.


HouZone.com reserves the right to cancel your registration and withdraw any or partial or all the Services extended to you without prior information or consent from you. Please feel free to contact our support team at support@houzone.com for more information.

We follow strict No Harassment Policy and we do not tolerate any kind of bad behaviour, whether written or verbal and we will initiate strict action against the person responsible, including deletion of account and filing of charges.


By agreeing to order our Services, it is understood and believed that you have read our terms and conditions completely and the relevant information as mentioned above and in our terms & conditions page and that you fully and totally agree with it.

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