Duplex Floor Plans by HouZone.com

Are You Planning to Build a Luxurious House with Swimming Pool? or a Duplex House with 3 or 4 bedrooms?

If you are planning to build a house, it will be worthwhile to visit www.houzone.com

HouZone.com is a website that offers customized house designs ONLINE. Yes, you read it correctly, they offer their house design services online. This makes life very easy as you can get the design & drawings of your dream home, made just for you and as per your requirements in your inbox.

HouZone.com works on the principles of an e-commerce website, so you can choose the service that you need and order only that specific service. HouZone.com offers complete house design services, from the conceptual design of floor plans to construction drawings, structural drawings, Electrical & Plumbing Drawings, Interiors, 3D Elevations and much more.

You will wonder how a house can be designed online? Well, it is pretty simple, you will provide your requirements in a very comprehensive form, which will give the Engineers at HouZone a fairly good idea of your requirements. They will send you a draft design, which you can use to provide your comments and ask for revisions. Once you finalise the floor plans, you can go ahead with other design services.

Why is HouZone.com better?

Well, you do get a customized and personalised service and the Architectural and Engineering design team provides a very practical and economical design. The conceptual design or floor plan is vetted by a structural engineer so that the house can be built soundly, safely and with the appropriate required strength, to last your lifetime.

HouZone.com is also very cost effective compared to other options, yes you may come across other websites offering similar services at a much lower price, but then you simply can’t compare the quality of design & drawings provided by HouZone.com

So, if you really want an experienced and International quality of house design, kindly visit www.houzone.com and order your house design ONLINE.

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The writer of this blog is an actual user of HouZone.com and who took all the required services from HouZone and successfully built his house as per his requirement. He is very satisfied with the quality of service provided by HouZone.com and the help given in terms of getting his dream house built.

For safety reasons, the client’s information is not shared as per his request.