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The Architectural House Design team of HouZone.com consists of experienced Architectural and Space designers, Construction Professionals, Structural Engineers, Electrical and Plumbing Engineers, Interior Designer and thus are able to provide you with a complete and most comprehensive house design services online.

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Looking for house design as per Vastu?, don’t worry, we have an in-house Vastu Pandit who has practiced the art and science of Vastu for the last 18 years and has helped many families design their homes as per Vastu and hence live their life happily and in prosperity.

The House Design services offered by HouZone.com is affordable (not cheap) and offers world-class house designs at the click of a button. The houses designed by HouZone.com are practical, economical, easy to construct and easy to maintain. Our entire team checks the design for proper spaces for each room, ventilation, staircases are properly designed for easy usage, and practical spaces are provided that will give you a better quality of living.

We design houses that have two bedrooms to a much larger bungalow with 6 or 8 bedrooms and swimming pools etc.

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