HouZone.com is continuously trying to upgrade and improve the House Design Services, keeping the customer in mind. We’ve got many recommendations, suggestions and we have tried to include most of these in our quest to improve and launch New Services.

HouZone has changed the system of Ordering House Design Services, from the earlier modal of differentiation based on the Quality of Service, time taken in delivery, priority service, we have moved towards a common High Quality of Service Standards. Now there is no differentiation between any Service that you order, everyone will be provided the same Quality and Care.

We have launched 3 New Floor Plan options, that are sure to make it easy for you to order our services. Our New Customized Floor Plans are based on your requirements, if you require a very Simple House, you’ll just need to pay Rs. 2,999/- per House Design. If your choice is for a Comfortable House, then you can order our Comfort House Floor Plan for Rs. 4,999/- and if you want a Villa, a Luxurious House with all the comforts, you can order our Luxury House Floor Plan for Rs. 9,999/-

All our Floor Plans are custom made, just for you, based on your Plot Size, requirements, budget and style. With these small changes in our Service, we aspire to provide a much better Quality of House Designs and meet all your requirements.

We have also launched New Interior Design Services, which offers 3D Views for the Interiors Designed for you, this helps clients in better understanding of the Design, rather thank 2D Floor Plans, the best part is that all the Interior Design Services are now Priced at Rs. 4,999/- per Room.

We have also decided to launch Value Added Services, called +AddON Services, which will further improve the interaction between us and the client and giving the Client absolute choice of ordering only what they wish to order.

We thank all our Clients for their continuous support and encouragement to us, we look forward to Designing More better Quality Homes with better Quality Service.

Thank You.