Our Lives have undergone a sea change in the last Century and particularly in the last few decades. Our life styles have changed as well. We are now living in the World that is constantly changing and new Technologies are helping us live more comfortably and helping us in many ways.

Our Houses have also become more Technical and need to keep pace with the way we live. Its important that we quickly understand this change and adapt it to our benefit. Modern Houses or Modern Homes should have certain characteristics that should complement our life style.

So what does a Modern House Plans or Modern Home Plans should be like, does a Modern House need to be expensive? Can a Small Modern House Plans suit our requirements as well. What is a Ultra Modern House Plans? Does a Modern House Designs and floor plans different from the last generation? Whats the difference between a modern contemporary house plans and a regular house plans?

Well, I would like to list out few of the differences that I think that defines the Present day ultra modern home and their floor plans.

1. The internal partitions have reduced, thereby each space now seamlessly flows into another space, we can call it minimalistic design.

2. Windows have become larger, allowing for more Natural Ventilation.

3. Toilets and Baths have become an important part of the house Design, each Bathroom being an Independent Design in itself.

4. Kitchens have become modern and modular, they are now more open and the kitchen space flows into the Dining area.

5. Entertainment rooms are being designed along with a separate family space and a space for formal guests.

6. Walk-in Wardrobes, which is a Western Design is fast catching up with the Indian Floor Plans. The Floor plans for modern homes have defined spaces for storage and wardrobes.

7. Designs are more informal and create a sense of oneness throughout the modern home.

8. Modern Bungalow house plans or Modern Duplex House Plans are much smaller than the last century houses, but have more comfort and are easy to maintain.

9. Modern floor plans for new homes are more airy, more lighted and much more bright and well ventilated.

10. Modern gadgets like modular switch boards, or automation or wifi or mobile phones and smart internet devices have changed the way we live in our house. We are now able to be more protected, take care of our house even while away and this is just the beginning.

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