Vastu Tips for House Design by HouZone

Is Vastu a real science or superstition? How do we decide whether we should follow Vastu for designing our dream house and what effects will it have? Will poor Vastu create problems in our lives? Should we demolish and re-construct my house as per Vastu? Finally, does Vastu really play any real role in my life?

Vastu Shastra is considered as an ancient Indian wisdom related to the design of buildings and their functions. Some people call it Vastu Science and some feel that it really does not have any significance, but what is the real truth?

Yes, it is true that Vastu shastra is really an ancient Indian science of designing buildings. Vastu laid out rules & guidelines to be followed for the design and construction of the building based on the cardinal directions. This facilitated the construction of buildings for optimum living conditions, thereby creating health and wealth for the users of these buildings. In ancient times, the buildings designed according to Vastu shastra were mostly temples or palaces for kings or buildings that were used by the royal family. Common people seldom got information or knowledge of Vastu, although in certain examples, cities were also planned as per Vastu.

We have done vast research on this topic and come to some common conclusions, we hope this will help dispel few doubts from our reader’s mind:

  1. Vastu Shastra is based on the principles of Climatology and since we did not have much knowledge about climatic conditions in the olden days, Vastu principles helped in creating a comfortable and easy to live conditions, for the users of the the buildings.
  2. There is no truth in Vastu Shastra being a superstitious law and hence it does not affect you or your life in that fashion. There is no bad or good karma associated with Vastu Shastra, so you really do not have to be afraid of it and there is no need to follow it simply because of the fear of something going wrong.
  3. Having said that, we believe that Vastu Shastra is a good science and if followed properly and with correct information and logic, surely leads to a better design of the building and hence helps the users of the building in many ways. For example a building designed as per Vastu will be well ventilated, will conserve energy, will provide a much more comfortable spaces and thereby will help the users in living a healthy life, apart from saving money. This all leads to a prosperous and happy living.

Whether you choose to follow Vastu Shastra or not, we feel that knowledge if used in the right way, always helps. Knowledge gained by our ancestors combined with the present technology, helps us in better understanding of the design requirements and provides us with the guidelines to design buildings and houses for better living.


Architect Ravi Siddhartha is an IITian and expert in the Design of Houses and buildings as per Vastu. You can also get your house designed as per Vastu by visiting