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Kitchens are the most important part of any Modern House Plan and House Design. Modern and contemporary Kitchens are now meeting the style statements along with the functionality. Kitchens are now modular, that is, they can be custom designed for any Individual’s requirements and taste.

With the spaces becoming smaller, plot sizes reducing, the concept of Open Kitchen is fast catching up in Contemporary House Designs. Open Kitchens are the ones that share a common space with the Dining space and most likely has a breakfast area. This is most useful in the present day fast paced life style, where both the partners are working or best suited for singles. Not only does an open kitchen saves space, they are easier to maintain. Not necessarily designed for small spaces, even owners of large houses are preferring the Open Kitchen Design.

So, what’s the space requirement for a modern day kitchen? Well, the kitchen Platform is generally 2′-0″ wide and is at a height of 30″ to 33″, again depending on the type of Hobs (Gas Burners) used. If using built-in hobs, the height can be more. A typical kitchen for a family, requires a platform length of 15′-0″ for most effective cooking, this again varies depending on whether the platform is “L” shaped or “U” shaped or parallel to each other.

A contemporary kitchen requires space for Hobs (3 or 4 burners), Electric Chimney, Microwave, OTG, Mixer / Grinder/juicer, Refrigerator, Oven, Washing Sink, Water Purifier, etc. among many other gadgets that are being constantly marketed, to make our lives and cooking better. All these electronics require space and hence its important, that a kitchen is properly designed, keeping the present and future requirements.

Then comes the storage spaces, we need storage for everyday use and long term, also space is required for keeping the utensils, dining sets, cutlery, cups, etc. Again, we need to understand how we function, for we need space for keeping the utensils for washing, drying and storing. Do we use Dish Washer or a separate Sink for doing the washing?

We have to divide the space inside the Kitchen as well for better functioning. We don’t want to travel long distances or bend too much for doing the daily cooking, do we? We need an efficient, organised and easy to maintain kitchen, hence a proper thought and design will help in this regard. A Zoning is required, a Zoning Design for Kitchen done for a client by is shown below.

Interior Designs of Kitchen, Kitchen Zoning by HouZone


With so many Kitchen Shops opening, each offering the better looking kitchens and each costing much more than we want, so how should you choose?

Start with a Kitchen Design, that is let the Kitchen space be designed at the time of the Design of your House. Your House Plan or Home Floor Plan should have some basic design of the Kitchen in place. Else, you will end up trying to fit in the latest looking modular kitchen into an improperly designed space and all the purpose will be lost.

Modular Kitchens cost upwards of Rs. 6,000/- per Running feet of the counter, so assuming you take the minimum of 15′-0″ length of the counter, you can expect to pay anywhere upwards of Rs. 90,000/- and going upto Rs. 10.0 Lakhs or more.

Italian Kitchen or German Made, well to be honest, you need an Indian Kitchen for Indian cooking. The Hardware used by the Modular Kitchen suppliers may be Italian or German, but a properly planned design for Indian cooking will help you in the long run, as well as keep your taste buds tingling and spicy.

If you want your Kitchen’s to be custom Designed, will do that for you for as little as Rs. 2,999/- per Kitchen. Although, its advisable that the idea of a proper Kitchen is discussed and implemented at the stage of House Plan and House Design.

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