Lighting & Illumination Design Package Rs. 2,999.0

Homes derive softness, love and affection through various moods created by Designer Lighting. Lighting design is an important part of any Interior Design of all Homes. Our Lighting experts use advanced softwares to work out the correct lux levels required for various activities associated with our lives. From Living room’s inviting light to your Bedroom’s cozy atmosphere, we are there to help you light up your Homes.

Lighting & Illumination Design Product Details:

  • Lighting & Illumination Design based on your Interior Design, furniture layout and requirement
  • Types of Lights, Lamps and their locations on wall, ceiling, floor, etc.
  • Lux Levels and mood lighting for reading, playing, working, etc.
  • LED’s to cove lighting & ChandeliersDirect and Indirect Lighting
  • Special Focus Lights and Painting Lights
  • Ideally to be bought along with Interior Design and Electrical Designs (recommended)

Rs. 2999.0

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