Interior Design - Ideas & How much to spend?

Interior Design – How much to spend?

All of us want our Homes to be the most beautiful, the most elegant, and the most unique. We want our Homes to speak about our selves and about our likes, travels, experiences etc. Interior Design for a Home, or Home Design can create the desired environment and impact. A good Interior Design should contain what all elements and how much should it cost? This is the most important factor that we encounter, before starting on the House Design or Interior Design for our Homes.

With so many visuals and beautiful Interiors photos available Online, where do we start and where do we draw the line. There is no limit in what we wish to achieve in the Design, Designers can be very Versatile and always trying different Designs, different materials and different ways to meet our requirements. To simplify the process of Interior Design and come to some basic costs, here are few of the tried and tested methods that can be used.

  1. Design your Interiors based on the Design of your House. We don’t want very modern and chic interiors inside an ethnic house, do we? We should complement the whole scheme of Design and try and balance both the Home Design and Interiors. Its always better to get the interior Designed at the same time you are getting your house Designed.
  2. Think long term, Interior Design for a home should be ever green and not just meant for the present moment of time, unless of-course you wish to keep changing as the trends change. In a home, we do grow older, our kids will grow up and eventually we would like to have the Interior Design still meeting our expectations.
  3. Color Schemes are very important and the most influential of all elements in Interior Designs. Select color schemes based on the location of the room, the purpose of the room and usage. For example a bedroom getting the Western Sun light inside, will appear different in the evening with the same color scheme, so plan accordingly.
  4. Doors and Windows are part of the Interior Designs, yes anything that is visually inside your house is a part of the Interior Design, so plan ahead and have a unified look in your home. If you are using UPVC doors and Windows, then plan the color schemes and other elements like wall paneling and flooring accordingly.
  5. Flooring is important, but not so much. Many will disagree, but in all the schemes of Interior Design, I personally give the last preference to flooring Design, as it is most likely to be covered by furniture, carpets, mats, etc. Yes, the type of flooring is important, for example a wooden flooring is more warm, soft and provides better acoustics, so can be used at places that have such needs, like a bedroom for example. A good flooring is required, not to be eliminated all together, but other elements can have precedence over flooring design.
  6. Lighting is very important in any interior Design of a home. A well lit home with different types of lamps, creating different types of moods and spaces will bring in wonders to the whole scheme of Design. Usage of warm lights with cool lights, lights from ceiling or wall lamps or even corner lamps will help accentuate the space and help in making the house more cozy.
  7. Wall Finishes like wall paneling using stone, wood, wall paper or simply painting the wall in different shades will surely bring the oomph into the Design.
  8. Furniture is equally important part of any Interior Design, including the furnishings as well. To create balance of space, using different textures mixed with colors will help in better composition of the space. Choose your furniture wisely, as per your requirements and need. Always the furniture should be as per the size of space available, too big and it will dominate the area and too small and the room will look empty.
  9. False Ceiling helps in providing another canvas in the design, a nicely balanced false ceiling will help in improving the visual appeal of the space.
  10. Accessories like paintings and wall hangings help in bringing out the best in Interior Design, choose these to complete the whole look of the space.

There are so many other elements that can be used and are being used in the Design of Interiors and based on the scheme of Design and your requirements. There is no end to interior Design or luxury.  In any Interior Space, there are 6 surfaces that need to be designed, mainly the four walls, flooring and ceiling. A proper Interior Design will create balance and unity in the Design.

Now, how much does an Interior Design cost us? Well its a very tricky question and the variety of answers will baffle and confuse you. Interior Designs will start from Rs. 500/- per Square Feet upwards of Rs. 10,000/- per Square Feet. So, if you are living in an apartment of 1500 to 2000 Square feet in any metropolis in India in a modern apartment, you can expect to spend anywhere between 7.50 Lakhs to Rs. 20.0 Lakhs for an economical and decent Interior Design. Its my opinion that spending Rs. 1,000/- per Square Feet will give you a much richer and better Interiors, with High Quality Finishes of Flooring, Walls, etc., minus the Furniture cost. If you really want nice interiors with good quality furniture, spending of Rs. 2,000/- per Square feet will be better suited. Although the cost varies a lot depending on the specifications of material used, total area under Design and the type of design and element. provides you with an option to get your House Interiors Designed for as low as Rs. 4,999/- in their Premium Interior Design Package, its worth a try and will get you started on your Dream Interior Design Project. Visit for more information