Indian House House Design for a three bedroom house can be done either entirely on a single floor if the plot is 300 Square Yards or more as a three bedroom house floor plan will require about 1200 to 1500 square feet of built-up space excluding car parking and other additional features. Generally a 3 bedroom house has 2 full bathrooms with one bathroom attached to the master bedroom and the other being a common one.

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3 bedroom Indian house plan, Indian house design

In the above 3 bedroom floor plan, the plot is 42′-0″ x 75′-0″ (350 Sq. Yards) and is a North facing plot. It is preferable that any plot be rectangular than squarish if the plot size is small, this helps in proper planning of the house with proper ventilation and Vastu. Ofcourse the above house design is of a First Floor Plan, but the same can be easily duplicated on the Ground Floor with enough space for parking

Indian House Plan for a 3 bedroom house can be designed for an East Facing plot or a West Facing plot as per Vastu, it is important to note that enough consideration is given for proper ventilation for light and air. A small opening or window sometimes is not sufficient and the size of windows should depend on the room size and the surrounding area of the plot.

As of 2019 the cost of construction of a 3 bedroom house in India is estimated between Rs. 2000.0 to Rs. 3000.0 per Square Feet of Covered Slab area. Yes, the built-up area is generally less than the slab area, as the slab may be extended for car porch or for elevation purposes. Some people claim that a house can be built within Rs. 1200.0 to Rs. 1500.0 per Square feet, well the cost does depend on so many factors, compromising on the quality of material and labour eventually results in major maintenance during the lifetime of the house.

Houses become homes, so its important to design them with sensitivity and love.

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