Are  you looking for House Designs or House Plans for 200 Square Yards plot. Are you planning to construct Duplex House on a 200 Square Yards? Look no further as HouZone brings to you the convenience of Designing your Dream Home easily.

Most of the Houses in India are made on Plot sizes ranging between 150 Square Yards to 300 Sq. Yards, with the maximum number being built on 200 Sq. Yards. We know that having a 200 Sq. Yards is the most ideal plot size for an Independent Duplex House.

In a 200 Square Yards or 1800 Square Feet of Area of Plot, if the Plot is rectangular it is most ideal and the best location is if you have North or East side road, even West entrances are okay. If you are going to follow Vastu, which we recommend that you do, an East, North or West facing plots are ideal.

You’ll need space for car parking, verandah to enjoy the beauty of an Independent house. Its ideal if you plan for a Single Bedroom in the Ground Floor with Living, Dining, Kitchen and Staircase. On the Upper level or First Floor you can have 2 or 3 bedrooms, entertainment room, family room etc.

Its important that Utility Areas are not forgotten, we need utility for washing of clothes, drying, maybe a small store to help keep items properly. We do prefer having a single entry into the house, although additional entry from the Utility into the kitchen maybe considered for the maid or servants.

If you wish for a low maintenance house, its important that the areas are not larger or smaller than required, the house has proper ventilation, including the toilets and most importantly ensure that the roof slab is projected out by about a foot, to avoid leakages.

Its important to leave space around the house, that way its easier to maintain, allows for plumbing lines to travel easily and provides the right amount of ventilation, sun light and air into the house. can help you design your dream home with as much sensitivity and practicality as required to ensure that you have a healthy, prosperous and peaceful home. Visit or whatsapp or call us on +91-9100033897