HouZone House Plans

Indian House Plans for 1200 Square Feet to 1500 Square Feet or more will give you an ideal living space for a small family. These Houses will most likely have 3 bedroom spaces with 2 toilets, a kitchen, dining and drawing rooms.

Generally 1200 Square Feet to 1500 Square Feet House Plans are single floor House Designs and if you wish for a Duplex, its better that the total area is above 1800 Square Feet.
Duplex House Plan for 3 bedroom200 Square Yards Duplex House Plan by HouZone

These are few of the areas that are used in each House Design, please note that these are based on certain assumptions and minimum spaces that are required for ideal living. We can create spaces which are much smaller than these, but they will be limited by the functionality. Larger spaces are most welcome, although too large a space unless designed appropriately is not recommended.

  1. Entrance Verandah – 30 Square Feet to 50 Square Feet
  2. Drawing Room – 180 Square Feet to 225 Square Feet
  3. Dining Room – 100 Square Feet to 120 Square Feet
  4. Kitchen – 80 Square Feet to 120 Square Feet
  5. Utility – 50 Square Feet to 80 Square Feet
  6. Master Bedroom – 150 Square Feet to 210 Square Feet
  7. Dress Area or Walk-in Wardrobe connected to Master Bedroom – 60 Square Feet to 80 Square Feet
  8. Toilet with Bath – 40 Square Feet to 50 Square Feet
  9. Additional Bedrooms – 140 Square Feet to 170 Square Feet
  10. Puja Room – 25 Square Feet to 40 Square Feet
  11. Staircase for going upto terrace or next floor – 90 Square Feet to 110 Square Feet (please note that the staircase is designed to take your furniture and other items also to the next floor, so it has to be minimum of 3′-0″ wide)

TOTAL of the above for a 3 bedroom house = 1085 Square Feet to 1425 Square Feet

Add to the above areas for Circulation 10% to 15% = 110 Square Feet to 210 Square Feet

Add to the above areas for walls, both external and internal about 15% = 165 Square Feet to 210 Square Feet

TOTAL FOR A 3 BEDROOM HOUSE = 1360 Square Feet to 1845 Square Feet

With the above example, we get to know that if we construct around 1500 Square Feet of Slab area or Plinth Area, we can design a nice 3 Bedroom House for Indian Living.

The area of a House Depends on many factors like the orientation of the house, i.e whether its an East Facing or a West Facing House Plan, the Plot Size, the area left around for ventilation, whether its a Duplex House Plan or a Single Floor House Design. Also many other factors like Vastu, personal requirements like Old age and children will decide the Design and hence the total built-up area of the House.

Its always better and advised that you design your very own House Plan instead of trying to copy or take some other House Plan, which may or may not suit you or fit into your Plot Size and orientation.

HouZone.com provides you with a custom designed Houses, with House Floor Plans and Indian House Designs at very reasonable prices, yet offering you the very best of Designs that will surely meet your requirements.

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