Indian House Design for 200 Sq. Yards to 300 Sq. Yards

Are you looking to build your dream home? You have a Plot of area of around 200 Square Yards to 300 Square Yards? Congratulations! you are one of the many Indians, looking to build their nest in the Indian Urban City. The Plot sizes of 200 Square Yards or 1800 Square Feet and 300 Square Yards or 2700 Square Feet are the most common Plot sizes available, to build your dream home.

So, is 200 Sq. yards enough? Is it too small, or is it too big? Do I need more land to build my dream home?

The cost of land is increasing day by day and in most of the cities in India, the cost of land, is much more than the cost of constructing your dream home. So, in a way, small plots are what becomes affordable and available.

Can I build my House in 200 Sq. Yards Plot? Well, technically, 200 Sq. Yards is the minimum size of Plot that you need to build your dream home, considering you opted for an Independent house and not for an Apartment, so if you wish to truly enjoy the pleasures of living on the land that you own, you need to have a minimum of 200 Sq. Yards. Yes, yes, there are many duplex houses available with land of 150 Sq. yards or even 133 Sq. yards, but then, its better to buy a good apartment, then stay in these so called deluxe duplex houses.

The idea of having an Independent house or a Duplex House or a simple house, comes from the fact that you love the freedom of space and wish to enjoy the outside area as much as indoors. So, if you wish to live in an Independent House or a Deluxe Duplex House, that offers very little or almost no space outside, I guess the purpose is lost, that is not what your dream home is all about. Or is it?

An Independent or Duplex House, should have sufficient space for Car Parking, Garden, Play area, Kitchen Garden, good sun light and proper ventilation. You should have enough privacy from your neighbors, windows should open outside and the air and sunlight should bathe the interior spaces. The terraces and balconies should enjoy the privacy of your life and overlook a Garden or greenery. There should be grass to walk on in the mornings and plants to water. Your kid should be able to plant trees and watch them grow. If you have a mango trees, then waiting for mangoes during the summer months, would be worth living for.

Well, that is what an Ideal Independent, Duplex House should be, your dream home?

So, if we take 200 Sq. Yards of plot, its about 1800 Sq. Feet, we recommend leaving 50% space on the Ground Floor open for Garden, Parking, Trees, Ventilation and for Services such as Plumbing, Drain Lines, Septic Tanks, Underground Water Tanks, etc. So you effectively build about 900 Sq. Feet, if we remove the areas covered by walls and circulation, you effectively have about 600 Sq. Feet to 700 Sq. Feet of carpet area. Now, if you plan smartly, yes, you can have a 1 bedroom, living, dining, Kitchen on the Ground Floor and the First Floor can have 2 or 3 more bedrooms. You might also consider having a stilt floor on the Ground, that is, leave the entire space empty and build your house from the First Floor onwards. Yes, smart design will help you achieve your requirements. Do not try to build more than 2000 Sq. Feet on a 200 Sq. Yards, the purpose of having an Independent house will be lost. Then again, you know your requirements and life style better and you are the best judge.

300 Sq. Yards or 2700 Sq. Feet Plot is a much better option, you can construct about 1200 Sq. Feet to 1300 Sq. Feet, leaving much more areas open for the above mentioned purpose. Infact, trying to construct only 1000 Sq. Feet on the Ground Floor will be ideal. You can also plan for a Swimming Pool on the Ground Floor as well. In 300 Sq. Yards, we recommend constructing not more than 3000 Sq. Feet of House. You can plan for a nice garden, deck, outdoor spaces, maid’s room, etc. We still recommend having a Single Bedroom on the Ground Floor and adding an Entertainment room connected to the Swimming Pool. Rest of the bedrooms and spaces should be on the First Floor of the house, with open terraces and balconies.

3 bedroom duplex house plan

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About the Author: Architect Ravi Siddhartha is an IIT Roorkee Graduate, with more than 17 years of experience in the Indian and International Design of Houses, Industries, Showrooms, etc. He is a visiting faculty at JNAFAU and one of the Founders of