You wish to build your dream home and want a nice House Design, where do you start? You’ll start by looking at Professionals who can help you design and build your house, as per your plot size, requirements and budget.

You have two options in such cases, you can visit any known Architect or Engineer’s Office and engage their services for your House Design or you can also get similar services Online.

There is no major differences in terms of securing Services directly through an Architect or Online, both these mediums will provide you with Designs and Drawings based on your requirements and you can then build your dream home, easily. With the world moving to Online use, all the Products and Services can be availed Online as well. Its a matter of choice for you.

I would still like to provide you with some basic differences between the two and what you may expect from each of them.

  1. You’ll have to visit an Architect’s office to interact with him personally, whereas you can access Online House Design services from anywhere and at your convenience.
  2. You’ll need to assess the Quality of Architect’s designs, know him / her personally or seen his / her previous works, whereas all the works of Online House Design services will be displayed on the website for you to decide easily.
  3. An Architect can provide you with a personal interaction, site visits, etc. apart from the usual designs and drawings, whereas Online services will not provide you with site visits (for large projects maybe) and the personal interaction is limited to over the computer interaction.
  4. An Architect is limited by his knowledge and team and experience, whereas Online House Design services are provided by a team of Highly Skilled and Internationally experienced designers.
  5. An Architect will be experienced in local designs, which is both useful and could be limited by new ideas, whereas the Online House Design teams design across the Globe, so will be more advanced in technology and newer ideas, but may lack local information.
  6. Quality of Designs and Drawings may vary as per each Architect or the Fees charged, but in case of Online House Designs the Quality of Designs will be consistent along with the cost.
  7. Online House Designs may be much cheaper in terms of costs compared to any Professional Architect’s or Engineer’s fee, this is because of more number of Projects handled by them at lower overhead costs.
  8. Online House Designs may also offer convenience of ordering and getting Designs right on your desktop or mobile and within the specified time, so you don’t have to follow-up or travel or wait at an Architect / Engineer’s office.
  9. Online House Design services are available anytime and anywhere and are not affected by weather or health or unavailability factors.

So, whatever you may choose, both options does have their merits and demerits. With the changing times and involvement of technology in our lives, all our interactions are moving towards Online usage. You can get almost anything done online, from banking to travel bookings to ordering your groceries online, so why not building your House Online??

About offers High Quality Customied House Design Services Online at fraction of the actual costs that you may spend otherwise. Our team of Highly Skilled and Experienced Designers and Construction professionals will guide you, step by step in Building your Dream Home.

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