HouZone supports 5 crore Dreams of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-news- india/five-crore- houses-to- be-built- for-the- poor-by-2022-pm- narendra-modi/

HouZone believes and supports Make in India Initiative and Building a better Nation, hence as part of their core ideology of improving the standards and quality of living for every one, we are offering Free House Designs to all the Individuals across the Country. We believe that sensitive and properly Designed homes will help in improving the work output, comfort levels and thereby helping India Grow.

Anybody can order our Free House Plans, that will be custom Designed for their specific needs, very different from stock plans that are generic in nature, these House Plans are Designed by our Expert Architectural Designers for each individual’s specific needs and requirements. It costs HouZone about Rs. 4,000/- per each Individual Designs, which we are offering as completely Free.

People from all walks of life can avail this Service for Free and get their dream homes designed, with sensitivity and sensibility.

We have also subsidized our Basic Floor Plans for Rs. 1,999/- in order to make it more easily accessible to one and all. We understand that there are millions of people in our Country who cannot reach and also cannot afford an Architect’s or an Engineer’s Fee and HouZone feels that its important that a Good Designed House is everyone’s right. We aim to provide equal quality of service, irrespective of the socio-economic background of our client.

We hope to actively contribute towards the growth of this Great Nation. We salute our Prime Minister Narendra Modiji for his inspiration and work.

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