150 Square Yards House Design

Get the best House Plans and House Designs for your 150 Square Yards of Plot size. An Independent Duplex House can be easily Designed and constructed in 150 Square Yards. Of-course the ideal plot size is 200 Square Yards for comfortable Design, yet with Proper planning and Design, a small plot of 150 Square yards can have a nicely Designed House.

With the cost of land escalating beyond the reach of many people, the land area is also reducing. We have seen a trend, wherein smaller Plots of 150 Square Yards to 200 Square Yards are now more in demand, then earlier, when bigger Plot sizes were preferred. With limited economic resources, the smaller plots are still within the reach of the middle class.

So, what guidelines and rules to follow, while designing for a small Plots, based on our vast experience, we have figured out few important tips and information, that will help you in Designing your Dream home in 150 Square Yards.

  1. Leave sufficient space all around for ventilation. Assuming that the compound wall is 6″ thick, leave minimum of 2′-0″ of clear space for circulation, ventilation, plumbing and sewerage needs.
  2. Plan for a Stilt + Duplex if possible, this helps in ensuring that the Valuable Ground Floor is used for Car Parking and maybe a small Garden, if possible.
  3. Its cheaper to build multi floor, yes it is. If you wish to build 2000 Sq. Feet on Ground Floor only, it will be more expensive, than to build 2 floors of 1,000 Sq. Feet each. So, for smaller plots, its advisable to have a stilt and have a Duplex from the First Floor, typically a 3 floor house.
  4. 150 Square Yards is about 1350 Square Feet, so after leaving the setbacks you can try getting about 500 Square Feet to 600 Square Feet on Ground Floor. This space can be used for the purpose of Entrance, Drawing room, a small Bedroom or a study area. On the First Floor you can try getting about 700 Square Feet to 900 Square Feet and the same can be give on the Second Floor. In total you can expect about 1900 Square Feet to 2400 Square Feet spread over three floors.
  5. Its important that Ventilation and usable room sizes are given paramount importance. Smaller spaces are rendered useless by furniture or circulation and with poor ventilation, the joy of living in an Independent House is profoundly reduced.
  6. You can expect to have a Three & Half Bedroom House, with spacious areas and proper ventilation.
  7. The cost of constructing this kind of a House in a 150 Square Yards Plot with an estimated area of around 2,000 Square Feet will be between Rs. 36.0 Lakhs to Rs. 40.0 Lakhs.
  8. Don’t be fooled by cheaper costs, there is no such thing as cheap. The cost of making an Independent House is not only connected to the Constructed Area, but also on many other requirements like, Under Ground Water Tanks, Septic Tanks, Man Holes, Compound Walls, Gate, Borewell, Electrical Connections, Drinking Water Connections, Parking Area Flooring, Rain Water Harvesting, etc. etc. So, its better to budget accordingly.

We have made a sample Design for a 150 Square Yards Plot size, we have left more setbacks so as to give much better ventilation, by balancing the outdoors to the space required indoors and trying to give a real feel of an Independent House. We believe a House is truly Independent, if the outside space equals indoor space.

Ground Floor Plan for 150 Sq. Yards of Plot SizeFirst Floor Plan for 150 Sq. Yards of Plot SizeSecond Floor Plan for 150 Sq. Yards of Plot Size


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