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Welcome to the Step 1 of your House Design Process. Whether you are planning to build a duplex House or an Independent Bungalow or a Farm house, you will need a House Floor Plan.

Whether your requirement is for a 2 bedroom simple house or a 3 bedroom duplex house or a large luxurious house with a swimming pool and all amenities, you can order our custom designed floor plans for your dream house.

If you are Planning to Build your House, You’ll require a House Design and House Floor Plans that are made as per your requirements, a House that is designed just for you. Our team of Architectural House Designers and Construction Professionals will help you personally and provide you with all the support you need in Designing and Building your Dream Home, easily.

Custom Designed House Floor Plans

Order our Custom Designed House Plans and Floor Plans that are made just for you, based on your Plot Dimensions / Land Size, road direction, number of bedrooms & personal requirements, Vastu, Budget and Style.

Choose from a Simple House Design or a Comfort House Design or a Luxury House Design that comes with all amenities.

House Plans with Rental Portions

Order additional Rental Portions for multi-family houses. Choose from a 2 bedroom or a 3 bedroom house portions, whether on the Ground Floor of your house or on upper floors.

You can ADD these additional House Portions along with your original House Design Order.

Apartment Building Plans

Order Building Plans for your Apartment or Flats, ideal for builders and developers.

Only pay for the number of Apartments or Flats on a Typical Floor and we will custom design the entire building, including parking, lifts, staircases, etc.

All Plans are custom made as per your requirements, plot size, road direction, vastu, budget, built-up area, etc.


Get detailed information and better understanding of your house design by ordering our 3D Floor Plans. 3D Floor plans come in photo realistic rendering and offer you the best understanding of your dream house. You should order this only after you have finalized your house floor plans with us.

3D Elevations provide you with the external elevation of your dream house, now you can decide how your dream house will look like when it is constructed. All our 3D Elevations provide you with a 3 sides photo realistic views of your dream house. You should order this only after you have finalized your house floor plans with us.

Value Added Services

Use our Value Added Services to make your order much more useful and easier. You can order CAD files so that you get editable files which can be used by you for getting Government Approvals or if you wish to get further services from 3rd Party. You can also order our HardCopy Print outs and we will print the drawings and courier them to you, anywhere in India. Choose our modification service to modify any of the drawings that you wish to modify and our WhatsApp service is very useful to customers wishing to interact fully on whatsapp, such as receiving drawings and communications on whatsapp.

We try in making your ordering and designing process as easy as possible and we provide you with the best house designs possible.

  • Modify the Drawings
  • CAD Files
  • Hard Copy Print Outs
  • WhatsApp Messenger to Interact directly with our Design Team

 How to Order?

Welcome to the First Step towards building your Dream Home. House Plans or Home Floor Plans is the time when you decide and finalize the requirements, functioning and living style of your Dream Home. You would certainly like to get the best option that will fit your Budget, Lifestyle and requirements.

Our team of Internationally experienced Architectural House Designers & Construction Professionals will Custom Design your Dream Home, specifically for You.

All our Services are available only Online, that saves you the hassle of finding the right Designer or travelling to their office. You will be able to Order our Services Online, make easy payment via our secured payment gateway and receive all your Designs & Drawings Online, isn’t that Convenient? It’s like having your very own personal Designer, designing the dream home for you.HouZone offers Sensitive and Practical Conceptual House Designs based on our vast International experience, taking care of all your requirements, natural ventilation and lighting, Vastu, and also ensuring that the House design is Technically correct for Constructing your Dream Home.Choose from various options to Order your very own, custom designed House Plans, Home Plans for your Duplex House or Small House or Independent House Plans. This is the First Step, finalize the House Floor Plans and then order our other Services to easily Design & Construct your Dream Home.Note: Floor Plans are the Conceptual Designs for your Dream Home and you should spend your maximum time in deciding and designing the Floor Plans. All our Paid Floor Plans comes with 1 draft design option, so you can easily check and modify your requirements accordingly.All our Floor Plans are made as per your requirements, such as:

  • Plot Dimensions and Plot Size
  • Road direction for the correct entrance to your house
  • Number of Bedrooms & Toilets required
  • Vastu
  • Total Area of construction required
  • Number of Floors required
  • Your budget and Style
  • And many more requirements, that you can tell us, and our Design team will design your dream home for you.

Custom Designed Floor Plan

Order your very own custom designed House Floor Plan by clicking on the Icon of the Floor Plan that meets your requirements. You can read more about what is included and excluded in each Design Service, after you click on the Icon. For any kind of clarification, please feel free to contact us. All the prices mentioned are flat pricing and includes taxes.

 What is a Custom Designed House or Customized Floor Plans?

A Customized Floor Plans or Custom Designed House is a Design, that is made, specifically for you, tailored to your requirements. You’ll provide your requirements by filling in a form, mentioning your Plot Dimensions, Orientation, Number of Bedrooms or types of spaces required by you, Vastu Requirements, etc. and our team of Architectural Space Designers and Construction Professionals will Design and Draft the drawings just for you. Its very similar to getting your House Designed by an Architect or Engineer, the only difference is that HouZone provides the Service Online.


HouZone provides Flat pricing per House Design, that is we do not charge per Square Feet area or as per the size of house. Our Pricing is based on your requirements, as long as its a single house, we will design it as per our Pricing.

+AddON Design Packages

Order our +AddON packages to Easily modify the designs and Floor Plans that we have made for you. You can also order for 3D Floor Plans and 3D Elevation Designs for your Dream home. Our Rental Portion +AddON helps you in adding additional portions to your house design, so if you wish to make a house for yourself, but you also wish to have another portion for renting out, you can order our Rental Portion +AddON.

We recommend that you order 3D Floor plans to better understand the design of your dream home, preferably after you have finalized the Floor Plan design with us.  The 3D Elevation Design package provides you with beautiful exterior design for your dream home, fully custom made as per your requirement and style.

Our Apartment / Flats Design package is ideal for Builders, Contractors or people wishing to build a multi family or multi portion house for either renting out or selling. Apartment Designs are fully custom designed as per your requirements and includes Parking, Staircase, Lifts, Common Utilities, Play areas, etc. Apartment Design Package is very useful to builders as they can get Floor Plans, Structural Drawings, 3D Floor Plans, 3D Elevations, etc. at very affordable pricing.

 House Design Philosophy and Quality

Houses Designed by us are World Class and follows the latest living style. All our House Plans and House Designs are based on the following Design Principles and Philosophy:

  • Most Comfortable Designs
  • Most Practical and Useful Designs
  • No wastage of spaces or useless circulation spaces
  • Balanced Design with proper space allocation
  • Well Ventilated for both Air and Sun Light
  • Well sized rooms, based on furniture size and ergonomics for best living comfort
  • Neat and Clean Geometry, contemporary houses for best living comfort
  • Sensible and Sensitive House Designs with proper door & window locations for proper circulation and furniture placement
  • Simple and Spacious House Designs
  • Vastu Science and Climatology principles are employed while designing the house
  • All House Designs are pre-checked for Structural and Safety requirements & hence can be easily constructed
  • Economical and Optimum Building Designs so that you get the most out of your money
  • Affordable pricing so that everyone can get the best Designs for their dream home

Please Note: We do not provide impractical and congested designs, which does not offer best living comfort and we politely decline such requests from our clients. aims at providing the Architectural House Design Services to one and all, without any bias of location, socio-economic situation or type of house design required. We believe that a proper Design has the power to improve the overall Quality of our lives and hence improve productivity and happiness. We strive to make the Design services as affordable as possible and encourage everyone to opt for proper house designs, whether they are from lower income groups or people with sufficient means.

Why Choose HouZone? offers various benefits and few of them are listed below:

  • Customized House Designs and Floor Plans, so that your house is made as per your requirements
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Segregated Services, only pay for what you require & order
  • Complete House Design Services from Floor Plans to 3D Elevations, to Structural & Electrical Drawings, Interiors, Cost Estimation, etc.
  • Flat & Up Front Pricing, we mention our prices upfront so no hidden costs and we do not charge as per the size or area of the house, so its easy.
  • Dedicated & Personalized Service
  • Available everywhere and any time, you can order anytime and from anywhere
  • We cater to persons with a budget of Rs. 10.0 Lakhs to Rs. 10.0 Crores, with the same Quality of Service
  • Interact with our Design coordinator to explain your requirements in details and for modifications or for any construction related queries.
  • We design houses for 2bhk, 3bhk, 4bhk houses, Independent Houses, Duplex Houses, Row Houses, Independent House Designs, Bungalow Designs, Farm Houses, Small Houses, Tiny House Designs, Villa House Designs, House Designs with Pool, etc. etc. Whatever type of house design you want, we will make the Design for it. offers the best house design advice that is most useful to you. Our advice is un-biased as we have nothing to gain from mis-leading you or by providing you with improper suggestion.



Duplex Floor Plan + 3D view from