These are 5 points to remember while Designing your Dream Home.

Whether you want to know how to draw floor plans, or are interested in small two story house plans, 1000 square foot house plans, residential floor plans, small house plans free, modern small house plans, underground house plans, modern contemporary house plans, 3 bedroom floor plans, etc. , these 5 points will come in handy in getting proper House Plans.

We start the process of constructing our dream home by preparing a
House Plan, these 5 points will help you in getting the right Design.

1. Practical House Design Floor Plans: We can be as creative as we
get, but it’s important to check the practicality of the Design of the
Floor Plan in terms of ease of construction, material availability &
ease of understanding.
2. Column Locations: ensure that all your House Plans have proper &
practical location of columns clearly marked & that your House Plan is
designed with Structural Design inputs.
3. Simple House Plans: Keep it simple is the right USP, the simpler
the Design looks, the easier & cost effective it gets.
4. Ventilation : ensure direct ventilation to Sun & wind in all the
rooms, that is if all rooms have windows & all windows open into the
outside area.
5. Geometry: simple geometry of rectangle spaces are the most useful &
should be used for all requirements. Other geometric shapes like
triangle, circles, etc. Create a lot of negative space, resulting in
improper use of spaces. They may look attractive, but their
functionality can be compromised. Designs the House Plans of your dream home with all the
above points & many such practical, useful & ready to construct Plans.
All our Designs are pre checked for structural design & other
Engineering requirements, before we give you the House Plan.