House Plans

House Plans are the starting point for any future Construction of a Dream Home. Its the first step that we take in our Journey to construct our very own House, our Home. House Plans or Home Plans or Floor Plans are a set of Drawings that tells us how our Future House will be like.

House Plans contains information about the types of rooms, room sizes, possible furniture placement, circulation pattern, ventilation and lighting, etc. Its a comprehensive Design that details out our requirements on a piece of paper. Most of the House Plans are made by Architects and Engineers, who design Houses.

Its imperative that we don’t confuse ourselves with House Design and House Plans. House Plans are part of the House Design Process, its a Drawing that puts the Design inputs in visual presentation. Apart from House Plans, there are very many Drawings that are required to complete the Design of the House.

Duplex House Plans are for example, is a House Plan having two Floors connected by a Staircase. The Ground Floor portion of the House generally has Kitchen, Dining, Drawing / Living, Utility and if possible a bedroom. The First Floor portion of the Duplex House Plan generally has the bedrooms, family rooms, entertainment room, study room, etc.

House Plans are also called Home Design Plans and show us the location of walls, doors, windows, etc. for each type of room and space.

Small House Plans are House Plans meant for a smaller family with fewer requirements. Although each House, whether small or big has similar requirements in terms of its functioning.

Indian House Plans or Modern House Plans for Indian Living are a bit different than the Houses in the Western Countries. This is primarily because of the life style and cultural differences, also we do have our Parent’s staying with us or vice versa.

Whatever your requirement for a House, the starting point is to get a good Design and a great House Floor Plan.

The best way to get yourself a House Plan is to get it designed based on your requirements. You will never find an existing House Plan that suits your requirement, plus when you are going to spend so much of your hard earned money on the Construction of your Dream Home, its important that the Design and House Plan were properly done. offers House Floor Plans at very nominal pricing, starting from Rs. 999/- onwards.