House Plans

House Plans are the starting point for any Dream Home Construction. We call House Plans as Home Plans or Floor Plans and if the Dream House is two storied we’ll call it Duplex House Plans. What is the method to have a home design plans that suit our requirements. Whether our requirement is for a small house plans or for a large bungalow, we all have to go through the most important process of constructing our Dream home.

house plans

With the change in times and modern lifestyles we need  modern house plans or contemporary house plans that meet the present day lifestyle and our growing dependence on electronics. We still believe that simplicity and simple House Plans are the best way to live a life of comfort, clean elegant geometries are the present day style.

Whether you require a 3 bedroom house plan or more, its very important to start the Design process by focusing on your needs, your own lifestyle, your own likes & dislikes and your own future requirements. Its very easy to get carried away with the way our neighbor’s or our friend’s live and the Houses that they have Designed, but remember, its your Dream Home and has to be Designed based on your needs and requirements.

Start by writing down your present requirements of Bedrooms and Toilets. Also think about the future, if you have young children and they grow up, they’ll need additional space. If you have your Parent’s staying with you, then you’ll also have to take their needs and requirements into consideration. Many a times we feel that providing them with a Bedroom is enough, but that is not so, they need an interaction space and should feel connected to the whole family.

Do you need a study room? Do you entertain many guests so you might require a nice drawing room with Powder Room. Powder room is nothing but a toilet where the shower facility is not given, its use is for Guests who do not stay overnight.

A nicely designed and centralized Living room or family room is the heart of any good House Plan or House Design. The key is to ensure that all the members of the family interact in a positive space and also ensuring Individual privacy.

Lighting and Ventilation is key to healthy living. Having windows on all four sides of the house with sufficient space left outside from the boundary will give a good cross ventilation and natural light to the whole house. Larger windows can be given towards East and North to get the best of Morning Sun Light and Natural Day light without warming the house too much.

A Utility space, that takes care of your washing machine, washing of clothes, ironing of clothes, dish washing space, drying of clothes, storage of cleaning items, storage of gas cylinders, etc. is a must for any house. Whether you are looking for a small house or a big one, sufficiently sized Utility space is a must.

So, what are you waiting for,  start Planning and Designing your Dream Home with House Plans.