What is the Cost of Constructing my Dream Home? This is the first question that crops in our minds, the minute we decide to build a house for ourselves. So, what do we do? We ask a few friends or relatives who have already constructed their house and try to understand and come to some conclusion, about the costs involved.

Estimating the cost of construction is a scientific process and all Architects and Engineers keep doing it for all their Projects, even the Builders and Contractors know the costs involved in constructing a building, but let me put it simply, its not easy.

Everyone will tell you that its going to cost you Rs. 1500/- per Sq. Feet or Rs. 2000/- per Sq. Feet, but do not explain what all will it contain? Its definitely not that simple. The cost of construction depends on various aspects, few of them I’m listing below:

  1. Total Area of Construction (Area of Covered Slab) – the bigger the area of construction the lesser the average cost.
  2. Total Number of Floors – Average cost keeps reducing as you keep adding more floors, so basically a 2 storied building costs less than a single floor building, if both of them have the same Area of Construction.
  3. Height of each Floor – Typically we design building with 10′-0″ height, but incase you are those special ones who want higher slab heights, the cost increases 10% for every foot of increase.
  4. Civil Materials Used – Generally the cost of constructing the shell, that is, Columns, beams, slabs, brick work, plastering, etc. does not vary much and can be assessed quite comfortably, yet it will vary if you choose to use certain brands of Reinforcing Steel or Cement, etc.
  5. Finishing Materials Used – the major cost fluctuations happen on the Finishing Material used, such as Flooring, Doors & Windows, Sanitary Fittings, Wall Paint, Electrical Wiring, Plumbing Piping, Toilet Wall and Floor Tiles, etc. The cost can vary from Rs. 1000/- per Sq. Feet to Rs. 3,000/- per Sq. Feet very easily.
  6. Proper Planning will save you cost – delays in constructing, improper designs, improper detailing, indecision, etc. are very costly mistakes, almost increasing the cost by more than 10%, if not more.
  7. Hidden Costs – everything that you build requires cost, that includes Over Head Tanks, Under Ground Tanks, Compound / Boundary Wall, Bore-Well, Municipal Connections for Water and Electricity, Gate, Parking Pavements, Kitchen Counters, Built-in Wardrobe, etc. All these can be easily between 5% to 10% of the cost of your Building.

HouZone.com has developed an automatic Tool, that will give you a very Basic Cost of Construction of your Dream Home, based on the Plot Size and Number of Floor you wish to construct. The tool also provides information about the total built up area possible as per the Plot Size, keeping the setbacks in mind. For more detailed Cost Estimation, made specifically for you, you can order our Cost Estimation Package for Rs. 2,999/- per House.


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