Home Plans are Floor Plans that explain the Design of your home in a
Graphical way. These Home Plans are sometimes called as Blue Prints of
the House. In north India they are called “Naksha” or “Map” also,
although the correct terminology is House Floor Plans.
Home Plans or Home Floor Plans can be for an Independent House, a
Duplex or multi floor house or even for an Apartment or Row Housing.
Floor Plans should ideally reflect all the spaces that are required by
you & should also show some basic furniture, door & window locations,
column locations, etc.
A nicely Designed Home Plan should reflect the following in the Floor Plan:
1. All rooms like Living, Drawing, kitchen, dining, bedrooms, toilets,
store, staircase, etc.
2. Door & Window locations with the direction of opening.
3. Room Name & Dimensions of each room.
4. Furniture Placement to show the movement & clearances.
5. Toilets should show location of WC, Wash Basin & Shower Area.
6. Entrance Steps, Verandah, Balconies, Utility spaces should be clearly marked.
7. Plinth Levels & inside levels of Flooring should be shown.
8. Column locations with approximate sizes should be marked.

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Blog Written by: Architect Ravi Siddhartha, an IITian with 15+ years
of experience in Design & Construction of various types of Buildings
across India.

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