Home Plans India

Home Plans or House Floor Plans are the necessary drawings that are required before we start constructing our Dream home.

There are various ways by which we can get our House Designed, most likely we want to Design our Dream Home ourselves, although that is not recommended. A Professional Designer will be able to put your requirements and ideas into a much better Design and hence create a more functional and useful Dream Home for you. We recommend that an Architect be commissioned to design your Dream Home.

You can also choose to also order your House Floor Plan or Home Plan Online. This gives a large advantage, as you get the best of the Designers working on your house and all this comes at a very low cost. There are various websites available on the internet now-a-days that offer these Design services, you can choose the one that you feel most comfortable about.

HouZone.com is one of these websites, that offer YOU, the entire service related to House Design and House Construction. HouZone.com is not a platform, having their own in-house Designers and Engineers definitely gives HouZone a great advantage, like consistency across the Design and Services for example. You also get your very own space to keep all your Designs, Drawings, Documents and interact with HouZone Engineers, all at one place called the Hub Page. This is very important to keep track of your progress and refer back to any discussion that you may have with the Engineer, plus its available from anywhere.

HouZone also has the lowest prices across the Globe and their prices are fixed and flat, that is, the cost of getting a House Design or Floor Plan does not vary depending on the size of your house or size of your plot or even your requirements. For a Basic price of Rs. 999/- ($14.7) you can get your very own customized house plan or home floor plan. Ofcourse this is the Basic Design, you can choose to order a Premium Floor Plan for as Rs. 2,999/- ($44.1) for those discerning clients who want the best. For more information and differences between the Basic Floor Plan and Premium Floor Plan you can click here  http://www.houzone.com/home-design-pricing-2/

HouZone also offers to Design your Dream Home for FREE! Now that’s called confidence. If you are planning to just build a Ground Floor home for your family, you can order your very own custom Design Floor Plan for Free. Yes, we checked it out, there is no rider and its absolutely free, although you’ll have to wait a little longer than the paid service to get your customized House Plan.

HouZone.com designs your House Floor plans with lot of sensibilities and practicality built into it. They also offer designs based on Vastu, the ancient Indian science of building homes based on Vastu Shastra, which does give you a better Ventilated and better Designed House.

In my opinion, HouZone is at the moment, one of the best website that offers World Class International Designs made for Indian living for Houses with such low prices. Not only do you get your House Plan, you can then order Structural Designs, Construction Drawings, Electricals, Plumbing, Interiors, etc. and everything is based on a fixed price (flat price) and so you don’t have to worry about what you’ll end up paying for a Professional Service.

HouZone boasts of having a team of International Designers and Construction Professionals with more than 15 years of experience in House Design and Construction and the website itself is promoted by IITians and Architects.

As on date, HouZone has serviced hundreds of happy customers across India and many of their designed homes are already constructed or in the process of being constructed. Their clientele includes people from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Delhi, Himachal, Jammu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal, UP, Bihar, etc., almost all the places from India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

There is a sample of the House Plan that is designed for a real client by HouZone, a glimpse at the Design will tell you the Quality of Design that is truly world class.

So, take the first step towards building your Dream Home with Confidence and get your House Plan designed by HouZone.com