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House Zone FAQs

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HouZone is an online portal / website providing Construction Engineering Services. Users can avail of customized solution to their Home Building Needs.
HouZone can be used by anybody who is Planning or is in the process of Constructing their house. HouZone can also be used by people who are renovating their homes.

You can use HouZone for your own building purposes only and are not permitted to use HouZone for commercial use or for Building or Constructing some one else’s house.

HouZone is not open for commercial use by Builders or Contractors as on date.

HouZone is very simple and easy to use. Begin by registering and then you get access to all the features of HouZone. You can choose to order a single custom design or take our complete package. From then on, we interact with you through your personalized page and help you build your dream home.

Yes, at the moment HouZone is offering services for Indians residing in India. Although you can access HouZone from anywhere across the globe.

HouZone follows National Building Codes and IS Codes meant for Construction in India.

Yes, you can purchase our Modification Package and request for unlimited modifications in the Designs & Drawings made by HouZone, as long as the modifications do not change in their basic concept and requirements.

Yes, HouZone is available across India and can be accessed across the Globe.

HouZone can help you in multiple ways. If you already have a plan or already design is ready, you can request for Construction Drawings, Structural Drawings or many other Segmented Services to get your Dream Home Built easily.

HouZone comes free once you register.

Please go through our Pricing Page for more information.

You can choose to remain a free member for 1 month and avail free customized design of your home and 1 month of Technical Q&A. After one month you’ll need to buy any of our customized solution for Rs. 999.0 to continue using HouZone.

Yes, HouZone offers customized solution for all your Construction Requirements. All our Designs & Drawings are prepared based on your needs and all your Technical Questions are answered only for you.

You are most welcome, HouZone offers each services in a segmented way, so you can choose what you really wish for in your construction of your dream home. We will be happy to assist you in any of your Engineering Requirements.

No, HouZone is not an Architectural or Engineering Company, it is just an online portal providing users with Construction Engineering Services to help them build their homes easily.

Interior Designs can be ordered using HouZone and we’ll be happy to assist you in all your Interior Design Queries too.

HouZone offers customized  Construction Designs & Drawings to build your Dream Home. From Floor Plans to Structural Designs and anything that you can think of that you require in your Home Building needs is offerd by HouZone, so what are you waiting for, Register for free and start exploring.

First you’ll need to register, which is free. You’ll then have access to “my page” which is your personlized Hub Page for all future interactions and exchanges. Kindly click on the “Planning to Build Bubble” and you’ll be taken to the Planning page. Once there, kindly fill the form on the page and submit with as much details as possible. Once we receive your details, our Construction Professionals will prepare a free Home Plan and upload it on your “my page” and an email also will be sent. Generally it takes about a week.

If we have any clarifications required from your end, we’ll post our queries on your Hub Page “my page”. You can also post your additional requirements on your personalized page “my page”

Enjoy Free Customized Home Plans and Easily build your dream home.

Cost of Construction varies depending on various parameters and specifications. To know more, kindly register and discuss the same with our Technical Construction Professional on your personalized Hub Page.

HouZone Engineers will be happy to assist you in your query by replying back personally to you, which is relevant to your requirement.