Is my House Design as per Vastu? What’s a Good Vastu and a Bad Vastu? How does Vastu affect us?

Vastu Tips for House Design by HouZone

There are so many questions that torment our minds, when it comes to the well being of our family and our lives, particularly when we go through some rough patch in our lives. We start finding reasons for the problems and we come across the question of Vastu. We question whether our present house is following the rules of Vastu or not and if not then what do we do about it? Is there a way out or a solution available?

Vastu is an ancient science and wisdom that our ancestors used for the purpose of Design and Construction of their Houses, colonies, towns and cities. Is it still relevant? I would say YES, it is, but a deeper understanding of Vastu is required before it can be spoken about or even discussed.

I would like to make Vastu little simpler, so I’ve tried to put in few check points that you can use yourself to understand whether your House is as per Vastu.


  1. Entry Door to your House in North or East side.
  2. Entry Gate to your Plot in North, East, West side.
  3. Kitchen in South East Corner.
  4. Master Bedroom in South West Corner.
  5. Toilets in South or West Side of the House.
  6. Staircase in South or West Side, going up from North to South or East to West in a Clock Wise Direction.
  7. North East portion of the house is open with no heavy structure.
  8. North and East has more space outside compared to South and West.
  9. Highest Point in your House is in the South West. Keeping upper floor or water tank in this area is good.
  10. Good Cross Ventilation with windows in each room, toilet, kitchen, etc.
  11. House has no cuts and is a rectangular in shape.


  1. Entry Door to your house in South, North West in West, etc.
  2. Toilets in North or East side of your House.
  3. Kitchen in North East, South West, portion of the house.
  4. Staircase in the North East portion.
  5. Master Bedroom in the North East or South East or North West portion of the house.
  6. More space left in the South and West side of the house compared to North and East.
  7. Shape of House is irregular with North East portion cut or South West portion is cut.
  8. No proper ventilation into rooms, toilets, kitchen.
  9. More weight on the North East portion, like an overhead water tank or upper floor.
  10. North and East side of the House is blocked.
  11. Slope of the land is towards South West.

There are many many other points that we consider while designing your house. We all build our houses once in a lifetime, its better that its designed properly with good ventilation, good spaces and also if it follows the ancient wisdom of Vastu, then it surely will bring Prosperity, Good Health and Happiness to you and your family.

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