Congratulations, you are trying to build your dream home, I’m sure, you’ll have many concerns, doubts & then multiple ideas and many more advices from over helpful family & friends.

House Design is an art. It’s like a delicate surgery, where one has to balance the advantages viz a viz loss of space. Nothing is perfect, a little gain, generally results in some loss, a perfect balance is desired. Then, there are those multiple and beautiful ideas, cluttering your mind & creating confusion.

It’s safe to say, House Design is not an easy thing. A house is a space that completes the necessities of its dwellers, while according comfort, safety & a sense of well being.

A House Design should be very adaptable & flexible to be able to meet the requirements of all ages of people, from a new burst of life to crippling old age, should be able to satisfy the needs of a child growing into a teenager and getting married as well celebrate the retirement of the earning members.

A House Design should be able to accord comfort in sickness as well as celebrate the happiness associated with myriad Festivities.

A House becomes our home, only if it’s able to connect with us, become a part of our daily lives & celebrates life along with us.

So, coming back to the topic of House Design, how shall we proceed with designing our Dream Home?

Let’s face it, we need expert advice. Trust me, a person who’s job is to Design Houses & has already designed many, is obviously a far better guide, then trying to do it on our own. Yes, the argument that it’s my house & I know what’s better is to a certain extent correct, but guiding you with the right Balance & bringing order into the chaos of your thoughts & requirements, is a job best left to a professional.

House Design is like an Art, we all are artists at heart & have all experimented with Crayons & water colours while we were young, but we never made that into our Profession. A professional artist can balance the use of colours and create magic with meaningful outcomes. House Design, requires, such talent, which unfortunately is not within all of us, hence a help from a Professional is a must.

Artists who design houses are called Architects, they are professionals with expertise in the use of space & creating balanced relationships between them.

Again, as there are different degrees of Artists with different capabilities & the quality of art that they create, you’ll find Architects also, of various skill sets, some are very sensitive to the process of Design & others may take a more practical approach. But, that said, any Architect is better than Designing your Dream home on your own.

So, the first step in a House Design is to identify the right Artist, or rather the right Architect to help you in the process. It’s important to note here that, it’s easy to choose a surgeon than an Architect. Unlike surgeons whose success rates can be judged by percentages, Architect’s works are to be understood in detail, before a critical analysis is done.

Best way is to try talking with few Architects, understand their Design philosophy, their approach towards Design & go with the one, who becomes your friend and whom you find easy to approach and discuss about your requirements.. The best Architect of the city, may not be the right one for you, as I mentioned earlier, House Design is something very personal & requires the right balance. An Architect who becomes your friend, whose ideas matches with yours & has similar thinking, likes & dislikes, will be better able to understand your needs & help you with the right balance, required in the process of House Design.

You can ofcourse try, its super easy and comes at a Fraction of the cost.

Well, hoping you get your Dream House designed properly and enjoy the every comfort the house should provide to you.

Happy Living!