Free House Plans for Indian Living.

If you are wondering where to get the best House Plans or Floor Plans for your Dream home for Free, look no further and read this article, all the way to the bottom. If you are looking for a Free House Plan, you must be considering building your dream home, right? Well, to be honest, this may not be the right way or the right approach to building your dream home.

There are various websites or even books that give you lot of House Plans or Floor Plans for houses, and mostly for free, but there are few things that you might wish to consider before you even look at them.

  1. The House Designs or Floor Plans not made for you is obviously not going to serve your purpose, they are made for an ideal situation and for an assumed requirement.
  2. The House Plans mostly available online for free only show the Square Feet area that they cover, but never mention the Plot Size or the setbacks that are used and hence, you’ll never know whether they will fit in your Plot dimension and orientation.
  3. Most of the Free House Plans do not show the orientation or directions for which they are best suited, neither do they mention the neighboring plot and a possible limitation due to these aspect.
  4. They are not Designed as per Vastu and even if they claim to do so, it might not be best suited for your Plot Orientation and Direction. For example a house for an East Road will be very different than a one which has a road on the West.
  5. If you think you can modify these House Plans to suit your requirements, you may be in for a surprise, a Design is not so easy to modify. A little change will result in more damage than good.
  6. Free House Plans or Free Floor Plans are not designed for you, or your location, or for your requirements, so why do you wish to see them? Well, I’m sure you want to get some idea, but knowing your true requirements is most important, then copying some else’s style of living.
  7. Every Individual is different and that is why we have Houses that are different for everyone, in India you’ll not come across Houses that are similar in every aspect, unless ofcourse in a Gated Community built by a Developer. Then again, even if the houses are having similar Designs, we use these spaces differently, hence the Interior Design will differ.
  8. Most of these Free House Plans do not provide you with the right dimensions for each room, or with furniture layout to show you how the circulation may happen.
  9. In short, a House Design which is not Designed for you is not good for you.

So, what do you do? You want a Free House Plan for your Dream home and I’m suggesting that you do not look at the Free House Plans available online. Well, there is a very simple answer waiting for you at provides you with a Free House Plan, custom designed just for you and for your requirements. The Design team from will take your requirements, Plot sizes, dimensions, orientation, etc. and personally Design your Dream Home for you and that too completely Free. So, what can be better than this? You get your very own House Plan for Free, a House Designed just for you by the best Designers from the world. Is there a catch?  No, there is no catch, only limitation. You see, all the House Plans that HouZone will design for your for Free will have to be a Single Floor, Single Family House. Now, that is a Great way to start your dream home, by getting ideas that really fit your need and requirements, isn’t it?

The best part, whether you have a plot that is 100 Square Yards or 200 Square Yards or even larger plots of 300, 400 or even 600 Square Yards or more, will not charge you for your Free House Plan, as long as its a Single Floor, Single Family House Design.

Ofcourse, if you feel you need a Duplex House Design or a Multi Floor House Plan, you can order your Custom Designed House Plan for as little as Rs. 999/-, that is cheaper than having a Pizza with your family or a Dinner. The Basic Floor Plan offered by at Rs. 999/- will be designed for you without the limitation of a Single Floor and is useful if you are trying out few ideas. For more serious and demanding clients, even has a Premium Floor Plan for Rs. 2,999/-, which is designed by much more care and by Senior Designers, along with a Personal call and discussion with the Designer.

So, stop looking or searching for House Plans that provide you with no value, only more confusion, choose for your complete House Design and Construction advice. The best you can get for the least that you can spend. Start building your Dream Home and start saving by using

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