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Interior Design Boards

HouZone Designers have created Interior Design Boards that exhibits the best in Interior Design Fashion. These Design Boards or Mood Boards re-define your space with Elegance, Boldness and Statement. Design Boards gives you a glimpse on the latest Fashion Trends in Interiors. HouZone Design Boards comes with details of the products available online, thereby helping you make an informed choice. Now, what are you waiting for, exploit your Interiors to match your passion.

Few of the Design Boards are Free, you can order a Fully Customized Design Board, made just for you for Rs. 2,999.0 Only.

  • Blue Moods

  • Magical Green

  • Kid’s World

  • Not Finding what you are looking for?

    No Problem, we'll be happy to customize a Design Board just for you. Get the latest in Interiors fashion with latest links to buy the products.

  • Engage Kids