Are you looking for House Plans, Home Plans, Duplex House Plans, Home Design Plans, Small House Plans, Custom Designed for your requirements? Welcome to the First Step towards building your Dream Home. House Plans or Home Floor Plans is the time when you decide and finalise the requirements, functioning and living style of your Dream Home. You would certainly like to get the best option that will fit your Budget, Lifestyle and requirements. Our team of Internationally experienced Architectural Designers will Custom Design your Dream Home, specifically for You.

All our Services are available only Online, that saves you the hassle of finding the right Designer or travelling to their office. You will be able to Order our Services Online, make easy payment via our secured payment gateway and receive all your Designs & Drawings Online, isn’t that Convenient? It’s like having your very own personal Designer, designing the dream home for you.

HouZone offers Sensitive and Practical Conceptual House Designs based on our vast International experience, taking care of all your requirements, natural ventilation and lighting, Vastu, and also ensuring that the House design is Technically correct for Constructing your Dream Home.

Choose from various options to Order your very own, custom designed House Plans, Home Plans for your Duplex House or Small House or Independent House Plans. This is the First Step, finalize the House Floor Plans and then order our other Services to easily Design & Construct your Dream Home. Note: Floor Plans are the Conceptual Designs for your Dream Home and you should spend your maximum time in deciding and designing.

Custom Designed Floor Plans

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  • What is a Custom Designed House or Customized Floor Plans?

    A Customized Floor Plans or Custom Designed House is a Design, that is made, specifically for you, tailored to your requirements. You’ll provide your requirements by filling in a form, mentioning your Plot Dimensions, Orientation, Number of Bedrooms or types of spaces required by you, Vastu Requirements, etc. and our team of Architectural Space Designers and Construction Professionals will Design and Draft the drawings just for you. Its very similar to getting your House Designed by an Architect or Engineer, the only difference is that HouZone provides the Service Online.


    HouZone provides Flat pricing per House Design, that is we do not charge per Square Feet area or as per the size of house. As long as its a single house, we will design it as per our Pricing.