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Detailed Drawings are used to Construct Your Dream Home. Detailed Drawing will give you information about how the Construction of a Particular Design is done, it shows the actual dimensions, the material to be used, the hardware or specification used, etc. These Drawings can be shared with your Contractor or Team to execute the Design.

Detailed Drawings can be purchased for the following Designs:

  • Floor Plans* – Construction Drawings for Constructing your Dream Home.
  • Interior Designs* – Detailed Drawings showing the construction mechanism with specifications and materials.
  • False Ceiling Designs – Detailed cross sections, heights, levels, light points, dimensions, material and installation specifications will be part of this Detailed Drawings.
  • Doors & Windows, Openings – Detailed Drawings for Door Frames, Door Shutters, Window Frames, Window Shutters with Hardware, etc. for your Carpenter to make these for you.

* Applicable only for Premium Packages

You can ask us any number of Queries for the Detailed Drawings Package purchased by you via PM or Contact us Directly by buying the Communications Package.

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