Floor Plans or “Naksha” or Map or Blue Prints or House Design Plans are the most important First Step towards building a House or for that matter any type of construction. Floor Plans give us information about the spatial arrangement of spaces or rooms, their areas, the way they are interlinked to each other, circulation pattern and ultimately define the Design of the House.


Floor Plans should fit into the plot size and hence a generic Floor Plan cannot be used for your requirements and needs. A floor plan should be customized for you and your family and should meet your style and budget.

Floor plans of an Independent House, or a Bungalow or a Duplex House or any kind of house floor plan needs to be properly and sensitively designed.

Whether you are looking for a 2 storey house plans, floor plans for small houses, house architectural plans, kerala house plans free, architect house plans, modern house plans with photos, 2 bedroom floor plans, duplex floor plans, 1 bedroom house plans, etc. they all have something in common. They are all Designed keeping YOU in mind.

So, what should an ideal Floor Plan contain, to become an Ideal Home in future. Follow these few rules and you may have your Dream Home, that not only fits your needs but is easy to maintain and fits your budget.

1. Living Room should be near the entrance to entertain both formal and close visitors. Living room should be separated from the Private areas like bedroom by a semi private space, like a staircase or a courtyard or a Drawing Room.

2. Bedrooms should be ideally located on the corners to get the maximum advantage of ventilation from both sides. Additional space for a wardrobe should be provided seperately apart from the bed. An attached toilet along with dress area is ideal.

3. Toilets should be always located on the periphery so that a direct ventilation is possible and also allows for convenient plumbing and water connection. A big window is preferred in the toilet to allow for quick drying and air flow. Privacy can be obtained by use of louvers or curtains.

4. Kitchen can be an open kitchen with proper ventilation. Kitchen is the most important part of any house, this is where all the family bonding happens. An open kitchen along with Dining is an ideal design, although it may not suit everybody. A kitchen with a good storage and chimney, with a big window near the sink will provide for a happy Design.

5. Utility is the required space in the house, utility is required for washing of clothes, drying of clothes, ironing, washing of dishes, storage of house keeping items among many other things. We generally forget about the Utility in our Designs, but if Utility is given proper area and is well connected, the House can be maintained much easily and all the out of place things will finally find the right place.

6. Staircases are not only used for climbing up and down but to also carry furniture, or other items, many times food if one is to enjoy the balcony or terrace on the upper floors. A suitable staircase with proper width and landing spaces provide for a healthy connection between the floor spaces.

There are many more such small hints that we follow in our Designs. Please feel free to contact us for any clarifications. We promise to reply back to each and every query. Please write to us at support@houzone.com or call us or whatsapp us on +91-888-68-727-63