Latest Cost of a Customized Duplex House Design, charged by

Lets say you want a conceptual Floor Plan for your Duplex House, you’ll have 3 options, Simple Floor Plan or Comfort Floor Plan or Luxury Floor Plan. Let’s say you choose Comfort Floor Plan, the cost of a Comfort Floor Plan is Rs. 4,999/- in which you’ll get a customized House Floor Plan designed as per your Plot Size, Orientation and as per your requirements.

Cost of Comfort Floor Plan = Rs. 4,999/-

Let’s assume you wish for some modification in the design given by us, which is rare because we do provide you a draft design first before final design, yet, for some after thought you wish to change the design, you’ll like to take 1 modification, which will cost you Rs. 999/-

Cost of Modification = Rs. 999/-

After you’ve finalized the floor plan, you can order the Structural Design, structural design are priced per floor, since its a duplex house, you’ll have 2 floors, so you can order Rs. 4,999/- x 2 floors = Rs. 9,998/-

Cost of Structural Design and Drawings = Rs. 9,998/-

Once you start the construction, you can order Electrical and Plumbing Designs, electrical design is Rs. 2,999/- per floor, being a duplex house, its going to cost you Rs. 2,999/- x 2 = Rs. 5,998/- and Plumbing drawings are Rs. 4,999/- per house.

Cost of Electrical Design and Drawings = Rs. 5,998/-

Cost of Plumbing Design and Drawings = Rs. 4,999/-

With these sets of drawings you can easily construct your dream home. The total cost of all the above will be Rs. 26,993/- which is a fraction of the cost you’ll spend elsewhere for similar quality of Design and Drawings.

Total Cost = Rs. 26,993/-

You may wish to add additional designs and drawings such as Construction Drawings, Elevation Design, Cost and Estimation etc. These can be ordered as per your requirements and needs. offers the flexibility of ordering any of our services at any time, that is, you can only take the Customized Floor Plan and after you are satisfied by our Quality of Design and Drawings, order further services as per your needs. Many a times, the client already has a civil engineer, in that case you can choose not to order Structural Drawings. There is no compulsion to order all the services. Also, you can order them, as and when you need them, so you end up paying in small amounts, which is very convenient. You only pay for what you require.