False Ceiling Design Idea blog by HouZone

False Ceiling Designs are part of the Interior Designs that gives a Designer look to the space. Out of the six surfaces that are available to Design in a room or space, False Ceiling is one of the most important.

False Ceilings provide a much required relief from an otherwise plain ceiling, hence Designers across the Globe try their expertise in the Design of a False Ceiling. Not only does it provide a Character to the space, False Ceiling Designs bring a sense of Balance and Unity. Its important though, that a proper Design with the right scale and proportions be used for the space, else it may become overwhelming. Hence a balanced design is much appreciated.

False Ceiling Design Blog by HouZone

There are several materials that can be used, the most common is Plaster of Paris or POP, which is very easy to use and apply. Similar to POP is the Gypsum Sheet Ceilings or Calcium Silicate Board Ceilings, they too provide a large variety and can be made as per the Design with almost unlimited options.

False Ceiling Designs Blog by HouZone

False Ceilings are most essential for the lighting and illumination of the space and due to the flexibility of the Design, we may get ambient lighting or indirect lighting along with direct spot lights or focused lighting. Then there is the Chandelier or hanging lights that can accentuate a Ceiling Design.

Then there is the conventional Wood or Teak Wood Ceilings, Metal Ceilings using Steel or Aluminium with Laser cut designs to suit the requirement and decor. Fabric and soft furnishings can also be used in several areas in the false ceiling design.

Whatever your Design, or your imagination, there is a product or option available. Starting from as low as Rs. 50.0 per Square feet for POP False Ceiling (includes painting and finishing) upto Rs. 500.0 or more for Wooden / Metal Ceilings.

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