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False Ceiling is one of the most important element of Interior Design that defines the space and improves the overall look and feel of the place. There are various types of False Ceilings with various functionality, from simple Aesthetic to Acoustic and Insulation requirements, False Ceiling is a must have for most of the modern homes. False Ceiling also have maintenance requirement that needs to be factored while designing the Ceiling.
HouZone helps you in choosing the right False Ceiling that fits your requirement and budget, all our Designs are custom made to your specification and requirements and provide you with these following valuable insights:

Type of False Ceiling suiting your requirement
Least Maintenance type
Cost Effective
Beautiful & Artistic Designs
Lighting, Air Conditioning & Other Functions built in with the Design
Taking care while constructing the False Ceilings (via PM)
Where to Buy and how to construct (via PM)
Technical Q&A Support#
Costs and Material Requirements##

PM – Private Messaging is Free and you can discuss your queries with our Construction Professionals
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